The Most Common Reason Doctors are Sued

A recent study by the BMJ, validates what Certified Legal Nurse Consultants already know: the most common reason doctors are sued is failure to diagnose a disease or other condition. Not surprisingly, the most frequently missed diagnoses are cancer and heart attacks. The most common outcome of this failure to diagnose is – you guessed it – death. The study reported that most diagnostic errors are due to faulty clinical reasoning and misinterpretation of diagnostic tests.

How Much Time Are You Willing to Give as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant?

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants engage in a variety of communications with a variety of people. We discuss cases with our attorney-clients, CLNC subcontractors and attorney-prospects. The key to having an effective conversation is not just listening, but also engaging and knowing when to end. One of the Institute’s customer service representatives told me about the time he spent almost an hour speaking with a prospective CLNC consultant. He listened to her talk about her life, family and dissatisfaction with her current nursing position. They talked about legal nurse consulting and the freedom it provides and they just talked, but according to Evan, he did a lot more listening than talking.

Is There a Skip in Your Record or Just in the Song in Your Head?

Okay, that’s a question that a lot of new Certified Legal Nurse Consultants might not know how to answer. In the world of digital media and MP3s, we no longer have to deal with skips in the middle of a song like we did when we listened to CDs or LPs. I’m so glad the days are gone that I have to worry about washing the lotion off my hands before handling my Prince CDs, or having to carefully slide an album like Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida” vinyl album into its sleeve and then into the album cover at just the right angle to keep it from catching and scratching one of the tracks.

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