Tom's Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: I’m Singing the New Computer Blues – But I’m Singing!

As comes the time for all Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, I’ve purchased a new laptop. It’s not quite the slim ultraslickbook that I wanted. In point of fact, it’s a 7 pound, 17” wide behemoth that barely fits into my rolling computer case and spans two tray tables when I’m sitting in steerage. But, it’s a powerful beast, blinding fast, has a solid state drive so it’s drop resistant and, since I chose Windows 7 versus Win8 is extremely stable.

Tom's Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Laptop Computer Recommendations for Legal Nurse Consultants

Last week I talked about desktop computer specs and promised to tell the Certified Legal Nurse Consultants the true Hollywood story of my new laptop purchase. As you can guess, I was picturing a sleek ultrabook. Something 1/8” thick, faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a Cray® XE6 and weighing less than a change of mind. Turns out I ended up with a 11”x19”x 1 ¾”, 7 lb. “desktop replacement.” I don’t have a problem with that because when I’m saving the free world on a daily basis, I need the computing power (You’re still here aren’t you?).

Tom's Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Tablet or PC for Me?

The tablet market keeps growing wider and broader with more and more entries. It’s becoming harder and harder to take the leap of faith into the market and choose any one. Many Certified Legal Nurse Consultants have asked me whether they should buy a tablet or a computer, and if so, which one. To be clear upfront – tablets are computers just like smartphones are computers. They’re just smaller computers with limited (for now) capabilities.

Tom's Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Tom’s Super-Secret Laptop Buying Tips

I’m finally getting ready to buy a new laptop. But, even I, Tom the Tech Tipper, find the market to be daunting. Do I buy Sony, Dell, Lenovo, some other big brand or do I build my own? Do I buy dual-core, quad-core or Marine-core? Should I get the biggest screen I can or limit myself to one that will fit through a door and/or on an airplane tray? Then there’s the whole issue of SSD, SIDS and ADHD.

On the Road Again!

I’m on the road again and I confess I always envy the person who can travel with one rolling carry-on. That’s not me. I’m more like the British explorers who traveled with teapot, table and tent. Unless you’re flying Southwest Airlines where baggage flies free (free of airline meals and assigned seats too), my preferred style of travel is costly and inefficient. If you wish to avoid fees for checked bags, overweight bags and extra bags, I recommend you don’t do what I do. Instead, here are some tips from the experts in six convenient categories that I regularly ignore. Plus a few tips I’ve conjured myself from decades of travel:

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Carrying a Mini-Mouse is No Mickey Mouse Idea for Legal Nurse Consultants

Legal Nurse Consulting laptop users have long been faced with one of a couple choices when working away from their home office. You can use the touchpad, the pointing stick or carry a mouse with you. None of those are exactly convenient and production and work on your legal nurse consulting reports can slow to a crawl. I use a trackball at work and carry a full-size mouse on the road, but when I’m on an airplane or writing a Tech Tip from some coffeehouse, I feel the mouse-less pain.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Time to Buy a New Computer for Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business? NOT!!

About this time of year Certified Legal Nurse Consultants’ thoughts turn to the purchase of a new computer. Perhaps you feel it’s time to upgrade from your old desktop that takes 45 minutes to boot up in the morning to one of the sleek All-In-One computers. You might be a road warrior who’s tired of hauling an old 70 lb. laptop and are craving a new SSD Ultrabook. Or maybe you’re counter-PC-culture and have an older Mac computer but want to upgrade to a sleek, thin MacBook Air laptop.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Time to Take a Stand (At Least When You Travel with Your Laptop)

One of my favorite Christmas gifts for Vickie in 2011 was a Hercules X-Stand Ergonomic Portable Natural Airflow Cooling Stand (trust me, that’s a sexy gift coming from a tech-geek). Vickie lugs her laptop with her to all of our CLNC® Certification Seminars, vacations, business trips and our annual Christmas Migration. When she’s sitting at a hotel desk or table working away, the laptop gets hot. At home her computer’s dock helps prop it up for proper ventilation, but on the road it lies flatter and hotter than a stretch of West Texas highway in the summer. Hotter running temperatures lead to hardware fatigue and my CLNC® amigos all know there’s nothing worse than hardware fatigue.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Holiday Computer Buying Tips

The holidays are officially here: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us and the Christmas/Festivus/Hanukkah season is just ahead. I know that some of my CLNC® amigos will be asking Santa for something electric under the tree so here are some tips on how to select that special something.

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