The Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Revival Plan: Eight Ways Stressed Out Nurses Can Revive and Renew − Mind, Body and Soul

You’re a nurse, which means you work yourself to the bone for ever-diminishing returns, thanks to meager pay raises and the rising cost of everything from gas to food to health insurance. Meanwhile, you serve as family nurse, cook, maid, shrink, tutor and handyman at home…plus when life’s little “emergencies” crop up − a broken water heater, a toothache, a parent-teacher conference to discuss your son’s recent homework boycott − well, those land on your plate too. No wonder you feel you’re one permission slip away from a complete breakdown!

My Favorite Gift This Year (To Give and Receive)

This year the best gift I’ve received so far, was one I bought myself. It’s a book called Wheat Belly by cardiologist William Davis and it isn’t technically a diet book, it’s a dietary modification book.

Recalibrate Yourself as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

I had the opportunity to hear George Clooney speak at an event. Yes, he is that good looking in person and yes, Tom came along without kicking and screaming. Okay, maybe a little bit of kicking and screaming – where are my girlfriends when I need them? LOL.

The Most Dangerous Non-Medical Device Ever

Life is good – and it got even better the day I nearly wrecked my healthy lifestyle. I’m committed to a healthy lifestyle and my legal nurse consulting business practically depends on it, but I wouldn’t label myself a health Nazi. Yes, I eat the occasional potato chip, bag of movie popcorn and can even be spotted putting butter on my steak (I love Texas!). But traveling and suffering as much “road food” as I do, I try to eat healthy at home. Steamed veggies, grilled salmon, healthy soups and fiber-filled salads.

Empty Calories for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Aren’t Just Limited to Your GI Tract

Tom and I travel a lot which means exposure to lots of different types of meals, over which the quality is often out of our control (sort of). No matter how hard we try we can’t control the amounts of sodium and trans-fats or even get real olive oil for a salad. I have my own vices which include movie popcorn, fried chicken and a good bowl of spaghetti and meatballs.

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