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Tom’s Tech Tip: One Step Every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Should Take on Facebook

This Tech Tip isn’t about protecting your personal information, it’s more about preserving or deleting it. Every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant has probably run across a Facebook page belonging to someone who’s deceased. It might have been a friend, a nursing colleague from your RN hospital job, a CLNC subcontractor or an attorney-client (which explains the unpaid invoices). The problem with Facebook is that if someone doesn’t have the log-in credentials to close an account, after someone passes, the page(s) remains forever.

Tom's Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Messages from the Other Side, or Just from Facebook?

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Facebook users are long accustomed to sending and receiving “messages” through the “Messages” link on their “home” page or Timeline. If you’ve ever looked closely at your “Home” page you’ll see that you have an “Inbox” and an “Other” box. What’s the difference? Messages in your Inbox are sent directly from the “Message” button on your Timeline. If an attorney or CLNC subcontractor is your “Friend” this is likely how they’ll contact you.

Service by Facebook – Coming Soon to a Defendant in Your Jurisdiction (Maybe)

Most of us check our social media accounts as frequently as our email. After all, these are our “friends” and we expect everyone to keep it friendly. So you can imagine how surprised one American was when he became a defendant after being served by an Australian plaintiff via a wall post on Facebook.

Social Media – The New Focus Group for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

Attorneys litigating high profile and high dollar cases have long used pretrial focus groups to help shape their themes, strategies and trial presentations. With the advent of social media, focus groups can now take on a whole new format using Twitter®, Facebook® and the blogosphere as free focus groups.

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants – We Did It!

I was in the gym working out with my trainer Jerome this morning, and after finishing my bench press, Jerome exclaimed “We did it!” That cracked me up and I joked “We? I’m the one moving that weight and hey, I don’t see you sweating.” He came right back at me with, “But I was right there with you, Vickie. I’ve got your back so you can concentrate on feeling strong.”

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants: It’s Time to Cut Out the Noise

We are deep into the information age. In fact, there’s so much information coming at us from so many different directions that “information anxiety” should probably be a DSM-V diagnosis. Too much information (TMI) is our reality, and while there’s a distinct difference between quantity and quality, it’s easy to get sucked into the low quality noise. Do we really want to reduce our lives to the details of Ashton Kutcher’s sex life, Alec Baldwin’s musing about flight attendants or a constant stream of updates from “friends” we haven’t seen since high school?

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Wow – Is That You in that Sizzling Hot Legal Nurse Consulting Video?

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants are probably aware that the reason viruses and malware proliferate on the Internet, Facebook and other places is because people click on the darn links. The reason spam proliferates is not just because it’s cheap to send out 200,000 emails with one click of a mouse, it’s because people actually click on the links and buy the fake drugs or whatever else is being peddled.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: What I Really Want for Festivus and for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (the Rest of Us)

This year is almost over and there have been a lot of advances in the tech world. Computers are faster, bigger and smaller and Windows® 7 works better than anyone expected. Pocket cameras are better than ever. Smart phones do everything but shop and cook for us. But there’s still a lot of technology advances to be made that I think will improve our lives. I want to end the year with my personal tech wish list for 2011 and hope that some of you Certified Legal Nurse Consultants share a few of these wanton desires with me:

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