Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: What’s a Keyboard Worth to My Legal Nurse Consulting Business?

I recently had to replace Vickie’s super-small laptop with a cool fast machine running Window® 7. In our home office she runs it from a docking station like I do. Part of the laptop replacement process involved running the new laptop side-by-side with her old one until we were sure all the settings, programs, etc. were identical on both machines. When I’d matched it all up and it was time to swap them out, I realized that although the new dock has lots of USB ports there’s not one good-old-fashioned PS2 port (PS2 connectors are those round plugs full of pins used to connect your keyboard and mouse). The station also didn’t have a VGA (video graphics array – old school) plug for the monitor, but Vickie’s cinema-sized monitor has a DV-I (digital video interface – new school) connector and it plugged right in, as did her rollerball mouse, external speakers, Dragon Naturally Speaking headset, webcam, charging cables for her iPhone® and her BlueAnt® headset and extension cables for her digital camera and Flip® video recorder.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Extend Yourself with a Hub

I’m a mobile user. I make no pains to hide it from you. Give me a laptop, a spare battery and a wireless connection, and I’m happy no matter where I am. Vickie often jokes that if there was a disaster, I’d grab my laptop before her – she’s not far from the truth (she’ll never forget my actions during the great condo fire of ’88).

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