Are You Missing Opportunities and More Profit for Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business?

I always joke that I wake up with a plan and by 9:00am I (or someone else) has busted that plan. I consider my agility to be one of the keys to my legal nurse consulting business success, but that doesn’t mean I’m a crisis worker. Like any successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultant I can certainly work under stress when I have to, but the goal for all of us should be to avoid stress whenever possible. Stress isn’t the only profitless side-effect of procrastinating.

How to Launch Your CLNC® Business with a Full-Time RN Job

Every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant started the way that you are going to have to start. They balanced a full-time RN job while building their legal nurse consulting business. Here, three CLNC consultants share exactly how they did just that.

Getting Ready for Back to School: Work-Life Balance

Summer’s coming to a close and as the kids head back to school it may seem that life’s pace is increasing at warp speed. Juggling your CLNC® business, family, kids, friends and social obligations, it’s easy to feel that life is out of control. Here are three strategies for staying on the balance beam of life through the back-to-school season – whether you have kids or not.

Legal Nurse Consultant Success Story

CLNC® Success Story: Finding the Smoking Gun in a Case Is the Best Feeling Ever

As a child, I had Lyme Disease, then in 2004, I was bitten by another tick. Terrible timing, since I’d just gotten married. My symptoms were across the chart, from severe fatigue to periodic paralysis on one side of my body. My husband couldn’t handle his wife not walking, not being perfect, so he left, and we divorced. A couple of years later, I made it to an Iron Man finish line, so I guess the joke’s on him.

Is It Time to Purge Your Disorganization?

Is It Time to Purge Your Disorganization?

If you walked into my office you’d think I didn’t have much work to do. But trust me, I haven’t always been that organized. Years ago I had to hire an outside consultant to come in and help me figure out what was important and what was ready for the landfill. It turned out to be a more monumental task than I expected and taught me a lesson that lasted a lifetime.

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