Nursing Layoffs Are Getting Serious (and Sudden)

It’s hard to believe that in my lifetime I’d ever see layoffs in the nursing field. Like many of you, I remember the good times when there were billboards around my city advertising signing bonuses for nurses at local hospitals. That’s all changing. Two recent articles in the Wall Street Journal (1) (2) and one in the Washington Post are focusing on the fact that, while there is still a nursing shortage, there is now a shortage of nursing jobs. That sounds like a contradiction in terms but it’s not.

Do You Need a GPS for Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business?

My husband, Tom has a great sense of direction. You can plop him down in a city he hasn’t been in for 15 years and he’ll lead you to the nearest movie theatre or McDonalds through all sorts of detours without a pause. He’s even gotten us out of the woods (literally) with just a topographical map and a cheap a compass (probably from a “kid’s meal”) after we misplaced a trail in a wilderness reserve. My sense of direction, on the other hand, is terrible. I don’t try to hide it. If Neiman Marcus wasn’t in the Galleria (which is outside the 610 Loop in Houston) I’d never go there at all. Ever. I can find my way to the shoe department at Neiman’s, but when I’m in a big hotel, like our NACLNC® Conference hotel, I’m particularly challenged. Tom will often use the ring of my cell phone as a sonar signal or beacon when he’s searching for me.

Ask Vickie: Ride the Horse

Vickie, My father is very active politically in our county and surrounding counties. He is well respected and loved. He is going to set up a meeting for me with two prominent judges so I can introduce them to my CLNC services. These judges know every attorney in my county. Is it okay to use the judges' names when speaking with the attorney contacts they provide me? Debbie, RN, CLNC
Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Market FREE with Your Email Signature

Let's look at what email signature files can do for your legal nurse consulting business. All of us use email, some of us use it sparingly, others incessantly and a few for actual business communication (you know – not "mom-spam"). In the good old days of snail mail, people sent letters using a decent grade of actual bond paper with a letterhead printed at the top – that was the signature file. Today in our increasingly paperless society, business emails are sent with a signature file at the end to promote the business and its services to every recipient.

Are You Addicted to Feeling Good?

Did you know that the word "niggle" is an intransitive verb which according to Merriam-Webster, dates from about 1616 and means to trifle or to spend too much effort on minor details? Do you find yourself niggling away your time or do you use it meaningfully? Most people claim to cherish their "quiet" time, but be honest. Do you spend the first part of your day on your email? Or, do you use that peak productivity time to knock out those hard projects and big things for your CLNC business.
Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Explore Your Duality with Twin Monitors

Okay, I've got to admit something. You've heard me brag about my dual 20" monitors on my desk. Here's the confession. I've gotten to the point where I cannot work without two monitors staring me in the face. In my office, I keep my email open on one monitor (the right) so I can do the add thing as soon as something important that requires me to drop what I'm doing and immediately attend to someone else's problem, drops into my email box. I do turn off the sound so the pinging doesn't drive me totally bonkers.