Vickie LIVE On FOX NEWS Tomorrow

I’ve been asked to go back on “The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson” on FOX NEWS today due to the fourth Ebola patient diagnosed in the U.S. They want to know if the 3.1 million RNs are any better protected today than they were four weeks ago.

Emotional News for All Nurses

To address the rising fear among RNs of treating Ebola patients, I’ve been asked to go on national television this afternoon. I will discuss the alarming impact Ebola has placed on the already dangerous levels of stress among RNs. My goal is to represent the front-line nurses I’ve heard from and to share your fears and concerns over the lack of preparedness by healthcare facilities.

Should EMR Ebola Alerts Be Mandated?

Thomas Eric Duncan died yesterday from Ebola and I would like to express my deepest sympathy to his family and loved ones. I also feel for the 48 people being monitored for symptoms after their possible exposure. In view of the high mortality of Ebola his death may not have been preventable, but U.S. healthcare showed a poor face for its first Ebola diagnosis on American soil.

Nursing Salaries in 2014

No one labors harder than an RN in their hospital job. Nurses aren’t afraid of hard work, but in Vickie Milazzo Institute’s National Nurses’ Stress Survey 84% of RNs stated they are not fairly compensated or want more pay. This finding should come as no surprise as the salary outlook for RNs in 2014 has not been terrific.

RNs You’ve Been Heard!

More than 270 media outlets across the country have picked up the report from the National Nurses’ Stress Survey and are helping get your voices heard. Some of the outlets include The Huffington Post, Fox Business Network, and

What’s That Elephant Doing in the Hospital Room?

The elephant (how poorly RNs are treated) has been in the hospital room for decades. The Nurses’ Stress Survey merely validated what you and I already knew. Nurses are completely stressed out and hospitals are to blame for it.

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