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Tom’s Tech Tip: Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Is It Time to Upgrade Your Internet?

Vickie and I are lucky. At the office we have Internet connection speeds that would make the Pentagon jealous. Email is delivered before we send it and web pages miraculously appear at the click of a mouse. At home though, things are a little different. Our Internet connectivity is more “real world” and we actually have to wait almost a second or two for a document to download. It’s not disturbing but we do notice a difference.

Tom’s Tech Tip: Travel Tips for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

The Spring seminar season is upon us and many CLNC® students will be traveling to attend the Live CLNC Certification Seminars in Chicago, Fairfax or Atlanta as well as the Consultant 2.0 event with Stedman Graham in Fairfax. I’ve passed on some travel tips in the past, such as traveling with a mini-power strip to allow you to charge multiple devices and various iPhone chargers that allow you to charge up to 4 iDevices.

Tom’s Tech Tip: Time for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants to Take a Microsoft Word Painting Lesson

One of the most handy Microsoft Word tools I’ve found is the often-underutilized Painter tool. If you’ve ever written a legal nurse consulting case report you’ll find yourself moving text from page to page as you draft that document. Often, as you move the text, the formatting will shift and not match the format of the new paragraph or page where you’ve placed it.