8 Steps to Achieving Your Legal Nurse Goals in 2022

8 Steps to Achieving Your Legal Nurse Goals in 2022

News Flash: 2022 is here and if you haven’t thought about goals yet, it’s still not too late. Use these 8 steps to get on track for 2022.

  1. Start your day with intention. What is your goal(s) for the day? Triage the most impactful priorities and focus on those first. Set both realistic goals (something you can attain) and audacious ones. Plan to stretch yourself every day. Some days I like to work on my most difficult goal first while I’m fresh. Other days I like to knock out a bunch of simple goals just for the satisfaction of checking something off my To Do list. Whichever approach you prefer, just don’t focus on simple goals your every waking hour.
  2. Do something every day. Life happens and our precious time will get away from us if we let it. No matter what is going on, do something on your CLNC® business every day. Consistency is more important than intensity, although together both are more powerful than either one alone. Soon the habit of taking action every day drives the performance that leads to new cases and new attorney-clients. In the beginning what you do matters less than the fact that you’re doing something. That’s the success habit you’re creating.
  3. Get buy-in from your family. Even if you can succeed without family, your success journey is so much sweeter when they’ve got your back. Plus, it will not only be a lot more fun, but also a lot more satisfying to celebrate your success when they feel they’ve been behind it. This extends to all you do in and for your business and all you do for yourself (See Step #5).
  4. Consult on cases you’re passionate about and with attorneys you like. Don’t rob yourself of the joy of work by turning your CLNC business into a job. Make it a goal to wake up to attorneys you like and cases that challenge you. When you do, joy, gratitude and enthusiasm about the work ahead will follow.
  5. Invest in and take care of you. As a business owner, you’re dependent on you fully showing up every day. You have to be mentally and physically ready. Think of yourself as the goose who lays the golden eggs and always, always take care of the goose. Feed that goose, exercise that goose and at night, rest that goose. If there are any issues, see Step #3 for help.
  6. Buck up to success. Things won’t always go your way – all the more reason realistic optimism is critical to success. Life and business rarely reward pessimists, Debbie Downers or complainers. Make it your goal to be a light in the world. Focus less on yourself and more on others, and you will survive the hard days and transcend the easy ones. Practice gratitude daily and life will seem a lot less difficult. When things don’t go your way, remember tomorrow is a new day.
  7. Master the fundamentals and then repeat, repeat, repeat. Success is not as complicated as less successful people like to make it. Much of success is nothing more than mastering the fundamentals and then repeating with consistency. Once you’ve got it down there’s no need to reinvent the wheel each day. Just focus on what you’ve mastered, again, again and again.
  8. Celebrate and model after Certified Legal Nurse Consultants who are more successful than you. The comparison game rarely gives you the results you want. Jealousy and negative feelings towards people who are successful don’t hurt that person. They only wreak havoc on your own mental and physical wellness, so why engage such negative thoughts? Instead, turn your thoughts to what makes this CLNC consultant successful, what they do that perhaps you haven’t been willing to do and use their success as a free mentoring guide for you own.

I invite you to take 30 minutes to enjoy a hot cup of healthy green tea and to write out or evaluate your 2022 goals. With your legal nurse consulting goals in front of you, make a commitment to follow these 8 steps towards achieving those goals and you’ll be on the road to CLNC success for 2022.

Success Is Yours,

P.S. Comment and share one 2022 goal for your legal nurse consulting business.

5 thoughts on “8 Steps to Achieving Your Legal Nurse Goals in 2022

  1. I love that you are using positivity and positive action words as motivation and steps toward helping the Certified Legal Nurse Consultant make the most of the new year. I am just starting my business and I need to get out there and market my business (2021 not so much), but I’m focused and ready to put these 8 steps into my aspiring practice moving forward into 2022. 🙂

  2. My one goal is to attend the Zoom call on January 11, 2022.

    This will be a goal that is easily achieved. By achieving goal #1, I am on my way to goal #2 with success already under my belt!!

  3. Starting your day with intent is important. It is to easy to get sucked into status quo. Being a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant helps set the professional pace and mind set. Attending CLNC® webinars helps stay connected with positive progress.

  4. Although I work full time as a CRNA, I plan to begin 2022 with small goals toward starting a part-time CLNC® business. I plan to start focusing on my promotional package and take a leap of faith.

  5. #1 Goal: Obtain 5 attorney-clients to afford me the ability to leave my full-time job and become a full-time Certified Legal Nurse Consultant helping attorneys win cases.

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