These 6 Questions Are Guaranteed to Help You Ditch Unnecessary Complexities in Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business

These 6 Questions Are Guaranteed to Help You Ditch Unnecessary Complexities in Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business

Every year I adopt a new business theme for myself. Some previous examples are “Let It Go” and “Move Like a Maverick.” All year long I have a lot of fun with the theme, but more important, I use the theme to challenge how I think and how I do business.

This year’s theme is “Ditch Unnecessary Complexities.” Complexity in and of itself is not negative. As a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant when you write a report and analysis for a medical-malpractice case, the attorney expects your report to have a level of complexity. Superficial analysis is not enough.

It’s always a productive habit to assess and eliminate unnecessary complexities that creep into your CLNC® business habits that are accepted without question or thought. You can do this for your CLNC business by raising your consciousness and asking the following questions:

  1. “Am I doing something that I no longer need to be doing?”
  2. “Why exactly am I doing it this way? Is it simply because that’s the way I’ve always done it?”
  3. “Am I doing something that gives me little or no payoff?”
  4. “Can I simplify this process?”
  5. “Does technology exist to automate or simplify this process?”
  6. “Is there not just an easier way, but a better and faster way to accomplish this goal?”

Commit to focusing on the core purpose of your CLNC business – i.e. servicing your attorney-clients and producing the best quality product by freeing yourself from unnecessary complexities. The time you save can be used to improve other processes or to simply enhance life outside of your legal nurse consulting business.

Success Is Yours,

P.S. Comment and share one complexity you’ve successfully ditched in your CLNC business.

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