CLNC® Success Story: My Legal Nurse Consulting Journey Started in a Raft from Cuba

CLNC® Success Story: My Legal Nurse Consulting Journey Started in a Raft from Cuba

I learned from the Institute that one step at a time will guide you in the right direction. My journey started in 2007. I am a Cuban rafter. Yes, I came in a boat through the Caribbean Sea. I lost 20 pounds just from seasickness. I arrived alive at the Texas border (since a shark didn’t eat me) and requested political asylum.

Once in United States territory, I learned English in six months, and started college to become a registered nurse. The advisor told me, “It’s not easy, but it’s possible.” I started receiving information about the Institute’s CLNC® Certification Program. Vickie’s smile told me, “You can do this.” In January 2020, I became a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. That same day I got my first attorney-client. I tried to control my excitement, smiled and affirmed, “Sure, I can do this.”

I immediately called the Institute to share that I had obtained my first attorney-client. The woman on the call said, “Relax, just do what the Institute teaches, and you’ll be fine.” I charged $125/hr. on my first case. Today (7 months later), I have a successful legal nurse consulting business.

My success is not about money; it’s about reaching the American dream, that thousands of Cubans never reached because they died in the Caribbean Sea pursuing freedom. My success is about being a female, hispanic RN (less than 7% of the nursing workforce is Latino), a single mother and nationalized Cuban-American with my own successful CLNC business.

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Ana Ramirez, RN, BS, CRRN, CLNC, owner of Scorpio Legal Nurse LLC is an independent Certified Legal Nurse Consultant who specializes in home health, hospice, rehabilitation, nursing home, wound care, falls and psychiatric cases. She consults on medical-related cases for both plaintiff and defense attorneys.

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7 thoughts on “CLNC® Success Story: My Legal Nurse Consulting Journey Started in a Raft from Cuba

  1. Congratulations to Ana, that is really great. So happy for you. I would like to speak with you as a fellow immigrant.

  2. Congratulations! What a story! I cannot even imagine being in the sea for so long and making it here. I’m very impressed with you as a person and a fellow Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.

  3. Wow Ana! What an inspiring story. I’m so happy you made it to Texas. You truly are an example of what anyone can attain if they are determined and their heart is in their dream. Congratulations to you.
    Pam Smithwick, RN, CCRC, CLNC

  4. Thank you Anna for your inspiring story. I am starting my business named Green Pasture Legal Nurse Consultants, LLC. Pray for me, wish me luck. I promise I’ll share my success story someday. We can all do it.

  5. Congratulations Ana! I just passed my test three weeks ago and am working on getting my business started. You have inspired me!

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