CLNC® Success Story: Being a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Has Changed My Definition of Success

CLNC® Success Story: Being a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Has Changed My Definition of Success

“Do not wait for ideal circumstances, nor the best opportunities; they will never come” is a quote from Janet Erskine Stuart I’ve had on my desk since I turned 41.

Being a floor nurse is not as enjoyable as it used to be. After twenty years in healthcare, I still did not receive deserved respect from peers, patients, and practitioners; never mind the average wages and staff shortages. I wanted a bigger voice for myself, more time for me and loved ones, higher pay and to be my own boss.

I studied the CLNC® Certification Program and became certified within four weeks. Seeing what I could do with my life personally and professionally as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant was inspiring and fun.

I’m proficient as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant for three reasons. First, I enjoy meeting people. Yes, I am one of those folks who talks to you in the airport and grocery line. What can I say? I enjoy connection and am confident in it. So, if an attorney is not in the mood to chat or rejects my CLNC services, my feelings will not be hurt. Like my 10th grade biology professor taught me, I don’t sweat the small stuff.

Second, I’m a hard worker. After all I am a registered nurse. Nursing is arguably one of the toughest and oldest careers. I am not afraid to tell an attorney, “That is a great question and I will get back to you with the answer.” I fill different roles outside the traditional nursing scope of practice in a 12-hour shift, including but not limited to, housekeeper, therapist, confidant and family. I have directed patients and RN peers to the appropriate resources when I didn’t have the answer.

Finally, I enjoy trying new things. I have learned more from LegalNurse.com’s Core Curriculum for Legal Nurse Consulting® textbook about the legal system and attorneys than I have my entire 41 years.

As a confident, abundantly loved and loving woman, I am building my legal nurse consulting business. The resources, time and people poured in as I kept my excitement for this new opportunity alive. I have connected with other Certified Legal Nurse Consultants. I quickly obtained two attorney-clients and have plenty of work. I took a leap of faith this month and decreased my status at the long term care facility to part time. Shortly thereafter, I was given an unexpected large raise which covered the now missing shifts. My goal is to be finished with bedside nursing care by Christmas. What a great Christmas gift, eh?

Being a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant has changed my definition of success. My most updated definition is a feeling of being comfortable in my skin, willing to help others, connecting with a greater source than myself and having fun. I would not trade my life for anyone else’s.

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Molly Ammerman, RN, CLNC owner of Ammerman Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC has more than 20 years’ nursing experience in long term care, agency nursing, home care, mental health and corrections. Molly consults on medical-legal cases for both plaintiff and defense attorneys and enjoys all of it!

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3 thoughts on “CLNC® Success Story: Being a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Has Changed My Definition of Success

  1. You are AWESOME! What a great description of a job well done. May your adventure continue!!!

  2. Molly,
    What a great snap shot of you doing something you enjoy! Your competency and energy come shining thru, you are off to do great things and help many people! I can’t wait to her what happens next!!

  3. Hi Molly,

    I’m happy for you. I have just recently started marketing to attorney’s via the mail/call method. I would like to reach out one day next week, when you have time. I’m interested in your back ground for LTC and Corrections. Have a great one.


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