Six Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Advise One Thing You Should Never Do

Six Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Advise One Thing You Should Never Do

If you’re interested in becoming a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, you might be wondering if it’s a good idea to contact attorneys before you become certified. Six CLNC® consultants explain why the answer is a unanimous No.

“Understanding the medical component of the case is only one aspect of successfully partnering with an attorney-client. Until you understand the CLNC services the attorney needs and how best to provide these services, you are not a true asset to the attorney’s medical-related cases. One of the main goals I encourage every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant to have is providing a CLNC service that makes the attorney’s job easier. If you don’t possess a basic understanding of the legal system and legal terminology and don’t understand what attorneys need and how they need it, you won’t know how to help streamline their already overburdened process. Instead you would be adding another layer of difficulty by requiring the attorney to have to explain what they need. This would detract from the added value your CLNC business is meant to provide and you would be less likely to help the attorney save time, money and effort.”

– Jorie Akins, RN, BSN, TNCC, ECRN, CLNC

“Attaining the CLNC Certification prior to marketing to attorneys provides the foundation and education necessary to prepare you for the challenges you may encounter when interfacing with attorneys and their support staff. Additionally, the ongoing CLNC mentoring for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants has proven to be an invaluable tool to grow your CLNC success.”

– Suzanne Arragg, RN, BSN, CDONA/LTC, CLNC

“The CLNC Certification Program shows you everything you need to successfully consult with attorneys. If you market before becoming certified, you might risk losing a potential attorney-client because you won’t know how to communicate exactly how your nursing experience will benefit their medical-related cases.”

– Dorene Goldstein, RNC, BSN, CLNC

“Marketing to attorneys before becoming a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant can have some impressive pitfalls. Many of the mistakes new CLNC consultants make are addressed in the CLNC Certification Program which reduces or eliminates altogether the chances of the newbie making the same mistakes.”

– Camille Joyner, RN, BSN, CCM, CLNC

“There are many reasons why you want to wait to begin marketing to attorneys until you have your CLNC Certification. The most important reason is that many attorneys will not even consider hiring you unless you are certified. As a CLNC consultant, I will not hire subcontractors unless they are certified through LegalNurse.com. The CLNC Certification validates your education and knowledge base. Through successful completion of the CLNC Certification Program, you’ll have a much clearer and more professional understanding of how to engage with attorneys, market your CLNC business and present the information in the format and language that is most relevant. It’s always important to remember to present and conduct yourself in a professional manner because there are other Certified Legal Nurse Consultants who may be marketing to the same attorneys you are. Nothing says professional more than CLNC Certification through a proven and credentialed program like LegalNurse.com’s CLNC Certification Program.”


“The CLNC Certification is 100% necessary in order to begin and maintain a successful legal nurse consulting business. I would not be where I am today if I hadn’t completed the CLNC Certification Program. It provides the foundation for legal nurse consulting. It teaches us how to integrate law and medicine. It provides us with the basic skills for starting a business and marketing to attorneys. Being certified as a CLNC consultant makes us more credible and respectable to the attorney.”

– Michelle Neal, RN, BSN, CLNC

Thanks to Jorie Akins, RN, BSN, TNCC, ECRN, CLNC, Suzanne Arragg, RN, BSN, CDONA/LTC, CLNC, Dorene Goldstein, RNC, BSN, CLNC, Camille Joyner, RN, BSN, CCM, CLNC, Robert Malaer, RN, MSN, PMHN, SANE, CNLCP, CALM, CLNC and Michelle Neal, RN, BSN, CLNC for sharing their advice on becoming a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. As they recommend it’s best to study the CLNC Certification Program before you contact attorneys. Then you will go in prepared to successfully and confidently discuss the 30 services CLNC consultants offer to attorneys.

Success Is Yours,
Vickie L. Milazzo, RN, MSN, JD

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