Is It Time to Invest in You and Your Nursing Expertise?

Is It Time to Invest in You and Your Nursing Expertise?

In the CLNC® Certification Program we teach RNs how to value themselves, so they don’t underprice their expertise with attorneys. But even before you choose to become a legal nurse consultant you will want to put a high value on you and your nursing expertise, or you might find yourself putting off a well-earned investment in yourself. Putting a high value on yourself starts with investing in a legal nurse consulting program that respects your value as a registered nurse.

I reached out to 6 Certified Legal Nurse Consultants and asked whether they received value for the money they invested in the CLNC Certification Program. Here’s what they said.

“Becoming a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant is an investment in your nursing career that gives you the freedom to pursue an entirely new career path. A career path that allows you to work from home, work the hours you choose as much or as little as you want, take real vacations and work around your spouse or children if something unexpected comes up. It’s a nursing career that allows you to determine what potential earning power you want to achieve. The CLNC Certification Program is true value because it provides you not only a solid understanding of all that is needed to become a legal nurse consultant, but to also become an educated and savvy business owner as well. When you become a CLNC consultant you’re confident knowing you have everything you need to put your strongest and best foot forward when consulting with attorney-clients. The bottom line, if I were at the same crossroads again and planning my next career move as an RN, I would choose to become a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant with zero hesitation.”

– Jorie Akins, RN, BSN, TNCC, ECRN, CLNC

“The value of the CLNC Certification Program is priceless. The preparation for the CLNC career path that I received along with the ongoing and free CLNC Mentoring provided me the necessary tools for my CLNC success.”

– Suzanne Arragg, RN, BSN, CDONA/LTC, CLNC

“You get what you pay for. I’m so much happier now that I own my CLNC business.”

– Dorene Goldstein, RNC, BSN, CLNC

“I registered for the VIP CLNC Certification System and have never regretted it. I wanted to really understand how to do the work for attorneys properly. Vickie and the Institute staff have always been there for me. This is rare for any corporation of this size. It’s impossible to place a monetary value on such service.”

– Camille Joyner, RN, BSN, CCM, CLNC

“You get what you pay for. The potential return on investment makes the cost of the CLNC Certification Program insignificant in the long run. When I decided to get my CLNC Certification through LegalNurse.com, I was just completing my master’s degree, had just gotten married a few months prior, was planning to move from Texas to Oregon and had been a single dad for 10 years. I was not in the business of flushing money down the drain and, literally, every cent mattered. After diligent research of all the different options available, I chose the Institute’s CLNC Certification Program because Vickie Milazzo is the pioneer of legal nurse consulting, has a distinguished reputation among the legal profession and is an RN and an attorney. Plus, the free CLNC Mentoring, free membership in the NACLNC® Association and the invaluable access to documents, reports and templates influenced my decision. If I had to purchase these items separately, I would have easily spent three to four times the cost I paid for the Institute’s CLNC Certification Program. The CLNC Certification I achieved provided the foundation I needed to be successful and my investment in my future was reimbursed in the first two cases I consulted on. I cannot say that about any other certification or degree I have ever achieved.”


“Every good business decision requires an investment. Remember, you are furthering your career as an RN. I have seen more return on my investment in the CLNC Certification Program than I ever imagined!”

– Michelle Neal, RN, BSN, CLNC

Interested in becoming a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant? Now is the time to invest in you and your nursing expertise.

Success Is Yours,
Vickie L. Milazzo, RN, MSN, JD

P.S. Comment and share why you invested in you and your nursing expertise to become a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.

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