Letters of Recommendation for Legal Nurse Consultants

Letters of Recommendation for Legal Nurse Consultants

Letters of recommendation are one of the most impactful components of a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant’s promotional package. But what if your attorney-client wants you to take a stab at writing the letter for her signature?

When an attorney first asked me to write my own letter, I felt uncomfortable. How could I blow my own horn? You may be hesitant too but go ahead – blow your own horn.

Include comments the attorney made when gushing over your legal nurse consulting work product, and especially comments regarding:

  • The CLNC® services you provided.
  • How you made a huge impact on the outcome of a case.
  • Your report style and its easy-to-understand format.
  • Your knowledge of nursing and healthcare issues.
  • Your professionalism and ability to beat deadlines.

Here’s a future tip: Capture all glowing comments and get written permission to use them as testimonials. Then place the comments strategically throughout your CLNC marketing materials.

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P.S. Comment to share your best strategy for obtaining letters of recommendation from attorney-clients.

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