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Tom’s Tech Tip: iPhone Keyboard Short-Cuts for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

One of the best things about the iOS for iPhones® and iPads® is the autocorrect that corrects the words you’re typing as you type them. One of the worst things about the iOS is the autocorrect that often puts in words you didn’t mean or are nonsensical.

While you can’t fix the autocorrect to spell the word you mean (not the word it wants) you can put in keyboard shortcuts (think macros) for certain words and phrases you use on a regular basis. For example if you use the word ubiquitous on a regular basis and can’t spell it, simply create a shortcut as follows: Go to the Settings app, select General, then Keyboard and finally choose Text Replacement. On the next screen touch the + symbol in the top-right corner. Now in the Phrase field type in the word ubiquitous. Then in the Shortcut field type in your chosen shortcut – mine is ub and hit Save. You can use this for phrases and complete sentences (I use crt for Certified Legal Nurse Consultant) and add or delete them at will. Here’s the best part, this works in almost all the popular iPhone and iPad apps (text, mail, Facebook®, Twitter®, Safari, etc.).

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P.S. Comment and share what keyboard shortcuts you use.

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