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Thoughts for Success: Buck Up – You’re Not on a Ventilator

Registered nurses are a tough breed. Not surprising because we deal with tough workloads, tough working conditions and tough consequences if we don’t do our job right. What other professional can claim that a spit second decision can be the difference between life and death?

Thoughts for Success: Buck Up – You’re Not on a Ventilator

Not only are RNs tough, we also don’t suffer fools gladly. You know what I’m talking about – the intern who thinks he knows more than you and the spouse who has a cold, but behaves as if he’s terminal. At least once in my marriage (😊) I’ve told Tom, “Buck up – you’re not on a ventilator.”

This is one of my favorite Thoughts for Success for all aspects of life and your legal nurse consulting business. An attorney-prospect says no to you, “Buck up – you’re not on a ventilator.” You received lukewarm praise for that fantastic legal nurse consultant report you submitted, “Buck up – you’re not on a ventilator.” Your 32-year-old millennial wants to move back into the house (again), try saying “Buck up – you’re not on a ventilator” and see how it works.

Life isn’t easy and business isn’t easy, but they are a heck of a lot easier when you’re in buck-up mode. Where is your CLNC® business right now and where would it be if you bucked up a little more?

I say let the bucking up begin or else I’ll be writing you an all-expenses-paid ticket to Camp Buck-Up.

Success Is Yours,

P.S. Comment here and share how bucking up in your legal nurse consulting business is a success strategy.

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