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Tom’s Tech Tip: How’s Your Mouse Working for You?

After upgrading Vickie to a brand, spanking, new, faster than light, touchscreen computer, I noticed that she was complaining of problems with her trackball mouse. As a bit of background, LegalNurse.com moved all of our employees, willing or not, from traditional computer mice to trackball mice years ago. Not only do we use much less cheese but the trackballs are more ergonomically correct, reducing the possible incidence of carpal tunnel, but they’re also more accurate. As a typical tech support provider (and husband), I ignored her complaints as “new user adjustment” issues.

That being said, when I had to do something on her computer, I noticed that her trackball mouse was indeed, shall we say, troublesome. I had, at first, attributed it to both adjustment issues and then to user error – but when I’m the user there shouldn’t be any errors – yet there were. I directly experienced all of the troublesome behaviors (trouble moving Outlook® folders, file dragging issues and problems right-clicking) she complained of. In response, pulling a rabbit out of my hat, I found a traditional laser mouse in my bin of spare parts and plugged it into her laptop. Immediately, all of the issues that were present with the trackball went away when the traditional mouse was in play.

That made me investigate the old trackball and I found that sometimes older trackball mice don’t play well with Windows® 10. It’s not just an issue of updating drivers, it’s just hardware. So I went on Amazon and found a wicked cool Windows 10-compatible trackball and 2 Prime days later, voila – problem solved. Of course I’m set back about $85 but when the boss’s computer isn’t working right it’s like John Wayne said, “a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”

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P.S. Comment and share your Windows 10 issues and how you solved them.

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