Just When I Think I’ve Heard It All, Something Comes Along to Top It!

I recently mentored a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, Mary, who had been working as a subcontractor for another CLNC® consultant, Joan. Mary was subcontracting for Joan on a large volume of cases for one of Joan’s attorney-clients. When that attorney suddenly decided to retire, Mary was just as suddenly out of a subcontracting job and in a panic about what to do.

She anxiously asked me to mentor her on how to help Joan get more attorney-clients, so she (Mary) could continue subcontracting with Joan. It was all I could do to control my reaction! I wanted to ask, “What, are you crazy?”

Instead, my advice was swift, simple and professional, explaining to her, “The biggest advantage of being a CLNC subcontractor is not having to market for new attorney-clients. If you’re going to market for new attorney-clients it should be to build your own business, not someone else’s.”

Yes, now I’ve heard it all – until next time. I just hope I don’t have to mentor Mary on this issue again. LOL 🙂

Success Is Yours,

P.S. Comment and share the advice you would have given the CLNC subcontractor.

One thought on “Just When I Think I’ve Heard It All, Something Comes Along to Top It!

  1. For the first time in 14 years I respectfully disagree with you Vickie. In nursing it is a good thing that not everyone wants to be a chief. Staff nurses are invaluable at the bedside and that position should be nurtured. Mary may like the fact that Jane reviews and edits her work and therefore she wants things to stay as they are – a mutually beneficial relationship. Please consider not giving up on Mary as I believe successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultants need good CLNC® subcontractors. Enjoy the holidays! Peg

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