Video on Vickie Milazzo Answers Your Questions About the NACLNC® Private Apprenticeship

Vickie Milazzo Answers Your Questions About the Private Apprenticeship for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

If you missed my Video Webinar, “Vickie Milazzo Answers Your Questions About the NACLNC® Private Apprenticeship” you can view it now.

The Private Apprenticeship is a unique experience available only to 8 Certified Legal Nurse Consultants who have an opportunity to live a week in the life of a full-time practicing CLNC® consultant.

If you are interested in attending a Private Apprenticeship in 2019, watch this video where I discuss this unique immersion experience, everything from calling attorney-prospects to observing a trial to visiting the CLNC consultant’s attorney-clients (And yes – the attorneys will put you to work).

Once you live it and do it, you’ll return home confident and ready to master your CLNC business.

Success Is Yours,

P.S. Click here to watch the Video, “Vickie Milazzo Answers Your Questions About the NACLNC Private Apprenticeship.”

P.P.S. Comment and share your experience if you’ve attended an NACLNC Private Apprenticeship.

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  1. Robert Richard Pugliese
    Robert Richard Pugliese says:

    I received a call from an attorney looking for an APRN with ER experience. We discussed the case in which he was looking for an expert witness. I provided him with an example of a similar case and the potential risks associated with treatment the patient received. I asked for the case and he asked for my CV and contract. Please have all these documents ready. Vickie Milazzo Institute has these Business Forms and Templates already set up for you – all you have to do is fill in the blanks and adjust the information if needed. Be sure to have your resume/CV looking smart – this will show you mean business and are a dedicated professional that would be a great asset to their team! I will let you know how all this turns out…to be continued.


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