Are Your Legal Nurse Consulting Goals Too Big, Too Small or Just Right?

Welcome to 2019. How this year plays out will be largely influenced by the size of your legal nurse consulting goals. Are yours too big, too small or just right?

I posed this question to Certified Legal Nurse Consultants attending a workshop where I co-presented with Stedman Graham. One Certified Legal Nurse Consultant described why she preferred having big goals, “If I fall short of a big goal, I’m still accomplishing more than if I achieve a smaller goal. The only way I can succeed on a grand scale is to aim high.” What a perfect attitude for success and the perfect way to think about yourself and your goals for 2019.

Sometimes legal nurse consultants fear big goals because they require hard work and effort. But the hard truth is that any goal worth pursuing is going to require hard work and effort. It shouldn’t be a question of whether or not hard work is required. If you don’t have to put hard work behind your goal then I would wager your goal is way too small. And the biggest problem with a small goal is that when you attain that goal you haven’t attained anything big.

As Les Brown says, Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars!” Happy 2019.

Success Is Yours,

P.S. Comment and share your legal nurse consulting goals for 2019.

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