7 Weeks to Your Next Legal Nurse Consultant Job: Week 3 – Staging Yourself for CLNC® Success

Join me for Week 3 of the 7-Part Video Webinar Series: 7 Weeks to Your Next Legal Nurse Consultant Job.

Watch the video to learn two steps for staging yourself for CLNC® success. No attorney-prospect is a dress rehearsal and I don’t want you to bungle a single legal nurse consultant job opportunity. Whether you meet an attorney at a party or you’re interviewing with an attorney-prospect, you can’t obtain more legal nurse consultant jobs without the tool I discuss in Week 3 of this series.

I’m so excited you’re joining me for this 7-Part Series. I’ll see you next for Week 4.

Success Is Yours,

P.S. Comment and share your progress in preparing your promotional package and developing a pool of CLNC subcontractors.

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