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Tom’s Tech Tip: Time for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants to Turn On Windows Automatic Updates

Keeping the computers you use in your legal nurse consultant business updated and secure is important. Microsoft® releases patches for newly discovered security issues, program defects and to fix buggy updates they’ve already released. A secure computer is a necessity in your legal nurse consulting business.

For the most part, the automatic updates in Windows® work pretty well. Most CLNC® consultants probably don’t know whether automatic updates are switched on or off in Windows. Microsoft usually updates on “Patch Tuesday” which is the second (and sometimes fourth) Tuesday of each month. The fourth Tuesday is supposed to fix all the things that got broken by the release on the second Tuesday.

The way a legal nurse consultant finds out whether or not updates have been downloaded and installed is when she comes into the home office for her legal nurse consulting business and finds her computer has magically restarted and she’s presented with the CTRL+ALT+DELETE login screen instead of her screen saver. When she logs in, Windows starts loading updates and she has a long, long wait while updates install (if they install).

I heartily recommend that all legal nurse consultants keep Automatic Windows Updates turned on even though Microsoft sometimes delivers a buggy update that causes issues. Some IT professionals turn off automatic updates and instead enable an option that notifies them when updates are available. Next, they wait two weeks to see whether a new patch is issued (fourth Tuesday) or search for “Patch Tuesday November Issues” to see what other computer geeks recommend about particular updates. While this is great for geeks – I don’t recommend it for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants.

Instead, just keep your automatic updates automatically updating. The security will be worth the annoyance of the occasional buggy patch.

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