How to Jumpstart Your Legal Nurse Consulting Productivity Using Business Templates

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants have any number of semi-repetitive reports and tasks to complete in any given business day. These can include daily project reports, legal nurse consulting reports, invoices, standard email responses, etc.

Whatever they are, you can save time by creating templates. For my project report (which is really a ‘to-do’ list on steroids) I simply reuse the same one day after day after day after day. While my day starts with everything in a black font, projects I complete are designated in a blue font, ones that are waiting for a response or action by a third party are designated by a green font and those I’m going to work on that day are highlighted in yellow. Throughout the day I update the list as I add or complete a project. At the end of the day I print the list so it’s ready for me to review the next morning. This project template keeps me on track and keeps me from having to create a new list from scratch each day.

Likewise there are some email questions I have to answer over and over. For those I keep a Microsoft® Word document full of responses and when I get a question I can easily cut, paste and modify as necessary. Same with letter agreements and legal nurse consulting work product. Once you have your first letter agreement or report, save all or a portion of it as a template for future works.

Also be sure to use the NACLNC® Association business forms and templates which include templates for billing logs, invoices, brief reports, chronological timelines, screening forms for both medical malpractice and personal injury cases, letter agreements, PLUS more.

Keeping and using templates will give you a way to jumpstart your legal nurse consulting productivity and give you that extra time you need for marketing your CLNC® business.

Success Is Yours,

P.S. Comment and share the templates that jumpstart your legal nurse consulting productivity.

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