4 Phone Tips for Obtaining Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

The main focus in your phone conversation with any attorney-prospect is to schedule an appointment that will get your foot in the door for a face-to-face meeting. Once you can show attorneys firsthand what you can do for them, they usually reciprocate by giving you a case to review.

To gain the attorney-prospect’s business and respect, you must be prepared. Use these 4 tips to prepare for your phone conversations with attorneys:

  1. Research the attorney in advance so you know something about the attorney and the types of cases he litigates.
  2. When you speak with the attorney, gain his attention by focusing on the attorney and his case(s). Demonstrate you’ve done your homework and customize the conversation.
  3. Begin by asking questions such as: “What resources are you using for medical record review?” “Can we discuss how you review your medical-related cases?” “Do you use someone with a nursing background for your medical record review?” “Do you need someone to help locate testifying experts? If yes, I can access a network of thousands of healthcare professionals.”
  4. Once you get the attorney involved and show the benefits you can bring, work to get an appointment, “I only need 10 minutes to show you firsthand how attorneys benefit from the medical record review I provide. What would be a good time for me to stop by and show you some sample reports?”

One advantage of talking over the phone with an attorney is that you can have your notes in front of you to keep you focused and help you remember what you want to say. Write out your introduction and script to ensure you cover everything you intend to address.

Add a dose of confidence to your interview by rehearsing the Attorney Interview Questions and Possible Objections available exclusively to NACLNC® members.

Success Is Yours,

P.S. Comment here and share tips you use to prepare for phone interviews with attorneys.

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