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My Most Memorable CLNC® Case: Consulting with a New Attorney Taught Me 3 Legal Nurse Consulting Lessons and Won Me Repeat Referrals

I have worked on more than 300 cases as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. The most memorable case I had the pleasure to work on had the most unexpected result and the largest impact on my CLNC business.

A new attorney-client asked me to review the medical records for a plaintiff who claimed to have suffered significant injuries at a mechanic shop. The attorney informed me that an attorney colleague had referred the case to him because he had been too busy to handle it. I was asked to review the records and provide the attorney with a chronological timeline and summary report.

I received approximately 6,500 pages of medical records to review. After reviewing half of the records, it became clear that the plaintiff had a history of narcotic seeking. The medical records were inconsistent with the injuries reported by the client. I called the attorney and reported my preliminary findings and opinion that this was not a meritorious case. I communicated my current charges for the work I had completed and asked the attorney what he would like me to do. The attorney told me he did not believe his attorney colleague would drop a case on him like that and asked me to complete my review and report. The remaining records further solidified my opinion on the matter, and I wrote a chronological timeline and summary explaining why the case was nonmeritorious.

After receiving my report and invoice, the attorney called and questioned every aspect of my report and informed me that he was going to mediation with the client in three days and would call me afterward. On the morning of the mediation, he informed me that he had met the plaintiff for the first time upon arrival to the mediation and found my findings to be spot on. The attorney proceeded to settle the case based on my report.

The attorney provided a glowing testimonial after settling the case which I’ve posted on my website.

My attorney-client tells every attorney he meets about my CLNC business and has referred multiple attorneys to me. Attorneys report they chose to call me because I don’t base my opinion on what I think the attorney wants me to say. Malaer Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC has grown exponentially as a direct result of my work on this one case and the word-of-mouth advertising this one attorney has personally done on my behalf.

This case is my most memorable because of the three lessons learned:

  1. Always be objective and honest with your opinions on every case.
  2. Do not let the attorney-client influence your opinions.
  3. Appreciate how your positive influence on just one case can benefit your legal nurse consulting business exponentially.

I now consistently work for 28 law firms, two insurance companies, and am in contract negotiations with several large oil and gas corporations. I have hired four CLNC subcontractors as a result of the increased workload and plan to hire at least two more in 2018.

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Robert Malaer, RN, MSN, CLCP, CALM, CLNCGuest Blogger Profile

Robert Malaer, RN, MSN, CLCP, CALM, CLNC owns Malaer Legal Nurse Consulting. Robert specializes in criminal, personal injury, products liability and workers’ compensation cases. He is an expert in medical record tampering and life care planning.


5 thoughts on “My Most Memorable CLNC® Case: Consulting with a New Attorney Taught Me 3 Legal Nurse Consulting Lessons and Won Me Repeat Referrals

  1. You are a true inspiration to all Certified Legal Nurse Consultants and nurses alike! May you have abundance beyond the stars in 2018.

  2. Your story is so true of many experiences I have with attorneys. Remember the attorney is not attacking you, but rather wants to make sure that every angle of the case had been considered before they proceed. A CLNC® consultant with the knowledge and experience “sees” so much more in the documentation.

  3. Robert,
    Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge… very encouraging for a new Certified Legal Nurse Consultant just starting out as myself. I am very motivated to succeed and I will take your info to heart and always be objective and honest. Best to you and your team in 2018. Thanks to you, Vickie, for all you do too!!

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