8 Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Prove Why the World Celebrates Nurses Week

Happy Nurses Week! Here’s to Celebrating You!

RNs save lives. It doesn’t get any better than that if you want to feel good about oneself and one’s mission on this earth.

I’ve taught and mentored thousands of RNs to become Certified Legal Nurse Consultants. Along the way many RNs have shared that instead of feeling good, they feel victimized by the conditions (e.g. being able to go to the bathroom once, if at all, during a 12-hour shift or getting docked for a lunch break they couldn’t take) they face in the healthcare setting today.

To become a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant and be able to communicate effectively with attorneys you’ll have to rid yourself of any shred of a victim-like mindset and move into a success mindset.

This Nurses Week is the week to remember who you are, an RN who saves lives and makes a difference. This is the week to celebrate you.

Happy Nurses Week!

P.S. Comment and share what you’re doing to celebrate you this Nurses Week.

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