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Tom’s Tech Tip: One Problem Female Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Should Never Experience But Male Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Probably Will

Recently, I’ve been having issues with my iPhone® charging. It wasn’t that it wouldn’t hold a charge, I just couldn’t get it to charge because my “Lightning” cable, which functions as charger and sync cable, wouldn’t quite fit into my iPhone. It would slide in, but needed to be jiggled about a bit before the charge would start. Then, if there was the slightest movement (earthquake, air turbulence or bumped desk) the cable would move just enough to stop the charging function. The next morning I’d find my iPhone at 28% and have to start the charging process over.

Being an engineer I realized that the issue was one of two things – either my Lightning cable was bad or the slot where the cable is inserted had been enlarged over time. I tried different cables, both OEM and after-market, with no change in outcome, so that eliminated those issues. Considering the converse, I thought something could be occluding the slot. Grabbing my eyeglasses and a bright lamp, I looked into the Lightning slot and saw to my surprise that the slot was full of lint. Literally pocket lint or whatever you want to call it.

Being a guy, we wear pants until they walk into the laundry room and throw themselves into the washer – so lint is a male Certified Legal Nurse Consultant issue. Unless female CLNC® consultants have lint issues in your purses, you’ll never have to deal with this. Why? Because here’s what causes the problem – every time you shove your iPhone into a pocket with the Lightning slot facing down, you pack that Lighting slot with a tiny bit of lint. Eventually it will fill up to the point where the Lightening connector won’t fit correctly and cause difficulty charging the iPhone.

So what’s a CLNC consultant to do? Easy. Turn off your iPhone and take a wooden toothpick and GENTLY scrape the dust bunnies out of the Lightening slot on your iPhone. I scraped enough lint out of mine to populate an entire colony of dust bunnies. Once you’ve done that, everything will work as smoothly as it’s supposed to. To avoid the issue in the future, you can buy a nerdy looking belt-pack, but if you don’t want to make that sort of fashion statement, the other thing you can do is simply pocket your iPhone with the Lightning slot at the top.

This also works with any Android phone that has a small charging slot. And, while you’re in there poking around, iPhone or Android, you might de-lintify all the other slots, headset connections, etc. on your phone too.

There you have it – your iPhone charging issues solved!

Keep on Techin’,


P.S. Comment and share how many dust bunnies you chased out of your iPhone.


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