CLNC® Success Story: An Accident Landed CLNC Consultant Susan Thibeault Her First Legal Nurse Consulting Job

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Susan Thibeault, RN, MS, MBA, APRN, CRNA, EMT-P, CLNC turned her own personal injury case into a legal nurse consultant job and obtained her first attorney-client at the same time. Watch this video or read the transcript below to see how she did it.


Hi, my name is Susan Thibeault and I’m here at the LegalNurse.com’s CLNC Certification Course. I’m very excited to become a CLNC consultant. I’ve been waiting a long time to come here.

I want to share my story. About a year ago I was involved in an accident, and it was through my work with my personal injury attorney that I decided “Hey, I’m a nurse and I can help him with his medical malpractice cases and provide value to him.” The next day I saw a LegalNurse.com ad in a nursing journal and I thought “This is a sign! I have to do this.”

In talking with my attorney one day, I mentioned I was going to be coming to the Institute (I’m a CRNA, a nurse anesthetist), he said, “Sue, I’m reviewing a case that involves anesthesia and a difficult intubation resulting in injury. Would you be interested in taking a look at it?

I’ve already started to help him before even completing the certification as a legal nurse consultant and he’s going to use me more in the future – he’s already told me. So I’ve got my first attorney-client!

Success Is Yours!

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2 thoughts on “CLNC® Success Story: An Accident Landed CLNC Consultant Susan Thibeault Her First Legal Nurse Consulting Job

  1. Congratulations, Susan, on getting your first attorney-client!!! I know you will be able to acquire even more work in the future. Additionally, your experience of having gone through an accident first hand will provide you with knowledge that will only serve to help you help others more effectively.

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