CLNC Consultant Eva Ettedgui Bought a Home and Has Even Bigger Plans for Her Legal Nurse Consultant Business

CLNC® Success Story: CLNC Consultant Eva E. Bought a Home and Has Even Bigger Plans for Her Legal Nurse Consultant Business

In this CLNC Success Story Video, meet Eva E., RN, BA, CLNC who was able to buy a home as a result of her success as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. Watch the video or read the transcript below. I’m sure Eva’s amazing achievements will motivate you to greater success in your own career as a legal nurse consultant.

Vickie: This is Eva E., Certified Legal Nurse Consultant and I’ve asked Eva to visit with me today to share what she did to become successful.

Eva: What you taught us was right on. I really went through and put a lot of things into practice. And one of the things I remember you saying was to make friends with the gatekeepers. You don’t know how true that is! Even though a lot of our work is email, you have to find a way to make that human. There was a paralegal in this large firm who I dealt with. After about a year she moved to another large law firm and the next thing you know, I’m getting a call from her and she brought me my next large law firm, which is today one of my biggest clients.

Vickie: You said something to me earlier that I just loved – that one of the things that helped you to recognize you could be successful as a legal nurse consultant was reading the CLNC Success Stories and looking at some of the other Certified Legal Nurse Consultants who are successful. You said, “I have that much experience. If they can do it, I can do it.” That is great advice for anybody who is a beginner and wondering “Can I do this too?

Eva: I said, “There’s just no way I’m not going to succeed.” It was a decision I made in my mind because I saw their success and I had the same (and sometimes more) nursing experience. The formula was there!

Vickie: Success is a decision. Success isn’t something that just happens to us. It’s a decision that we make. We’re going to wake up in the morning and we’re going to be a successful legal nurse consultant. Or we make the decision we’re going to wake up in the morning and we’re not going to be successful.

I know that you have big plans. I love to hear when Certified Legal Nurse Consultants are stepping out and really going big. You’re staying busy and you’re already using CLNC subcontractors. So what’s next?

Eva: In preparing to come to the Consultant 2.0 Workshop (with Stedman Graham) and completing the assignment, becoming clear in my own vision was a gift in itself. Because as I did the assignment I thought “Wow! What are my goals? What is next? ” And I gave myself the time to sink into that. I work with subcontractors who live quite a distance away. I live in California, but I have wonderful subcontractors that work for me in Northern California and I’m certainly not hovering over their shoulders. In the legal nurse business we’re communicating over phone and email, sending reports and whatnot. I thought, “What’s the difference between San Francisco and New York? ” So my next goal is to market my legal nurse consultant business all across the nation.

Vickie: We also talked that maybe another next step is getting a project manager who can oversee some of these cases for you. That sounds exciting!

Eva: That is exciting and that is something that I got to realize here today in the Consultant 2.0 Conference. I already knew coming in that I’m working too hard. I’m a single mom. And because of becoming a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant I’ve been able to buy my own home – which was just a huge dream for so long. This has just been amazing!

Now, what I find is that although I’m very happy that I have all this work, I’m just doing much too much on my own, and I would like to bring more balance back into my life. So I could really use an administrative helper and a project manager – that’s what I came to learn here through your suggestions. That’s a very exciting possibility which would free me up to take more of a leadership role in my legal nurse consultant business.

Vickie: And allow you to take on more cases and more attorney-clients. Great success!

Eva: Thank you, Vickie. Thank you so much!

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3 thoughts on “CLNC® Success Story: CLNC Consultant Eva E. Bought a Home and Has Even Bigger Plans for Her Legal Nurse Consultant Business

  1. Congratulations on your achievements. I am a CLNC® consultant in the Sacramento area, and if you ever need help w/ dental cases, I specialize in this arena – (even though my bread and butter is medical issues).

    Here is to your continued success!!!!

  2. Hi, Eva. I’m so encouraged by your success story and your vision for the future of your business. I am presently doing the CLNC® Online Certification Program and working full-time as a mom/baby nurse, which I have been doing for about 5 1/2 years. I hurt my back in October of 2014 and I cannot really do my job effectively anymore.

    I had been looking at the CLNC® Certification Program for about 3 years. I came across it in 2012, but like you, I am a single-parent and at that time my older son was still in college. I told myself, I will do this when I am finished paying college tuition for him. He graduated last May.

    My younger son will graduate from massage therapy school on my birthday this year and I am just so grateful to have taken this leap of faith at this time. I must admit that I have had my Yolanda moments, but I believe I can do this. I certainly cannot see myself doing what I am doing until retirement and cannot afford to not succeed.

    Thanks so much for sharing. I wish you great success in your future endeavors.

  3. Congratulations on your success and ability to buy your own home! I love to hear about and read other CLNC® success stories. You are a great inspiration to me. Thanks.
    Look me up if you have psychiatric cases. I am in Wyoming.

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