Certified Legal Nurse Consultant holiday cards

Tis the Season to Brand Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business with Customized Holiday Cards!

The holidays are upon us and it’s time to remember your attorney-clients this season with festive CLNC holiday cards. Remembering them now means they’ll remember you in the New Year. And don’t limit your CLNC holiday cards to attorneys. Check your list twice to ensure you send cards to:

  • Attorney-clients.
  • Attorney-clients who haven’t retained you in a while.
  • Attorney-prospects.
  • Anyone who helped you obtain attorney-clients.
  • CLNC subcontractors and vendors who help to make your CLNC business easier and more profitable.
  • Anyone who knows an attorney, which is pretty much everyone.

You can add a personal message to remind attorney-clients of the work you’ve done for them and of the relationship you share. Retie connections during this holiday season with your attorney-clients and everyone who can connect you to attorneys.

Visit your CLNC Marketing Center and choose from two beautifully designed holiday cards. One even provides a 2016 calendar. Put your name in front of those who can make 2016 a wonderful year for your CLNC business and order today.

Happy Holidays!

P.S. Comment and share who is on your CLNC holiday card list.

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