What Do Certified Legal Nurse Consultants and Proboscis Monkeys Have in Common?

While in Borneo I had the opportunity to view wild Proboscis monkeys as they came down from the trees to feed. One of the monkeys had a very young baby, 2-3 weeks old. I overheard two distressed women criticizing the mother who was much more interested in feeding herself than feeding or suckling her baby.

In fact, the baby Proboscis was pretty much left on his own, and mom only intervened when he almost fell to the ground. Was she being a bad mom? I don’t think so. That baby has to learn to take care of itself and mom was doing her job – bucking him up for real life. What better environment to learn how to survive in the wild than with mom (and her Proboscis family) around to pick him up when he’s about to fall.

Proboscis Monkeys

When it comes to mentoring, Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, the CLNC® Mentors and I are a bit like this Proboscis mother. We won’t coddle you as much as you might like, but we’ll buck you up so you won’t fall when you’re consulting with real attorneys in the real legal world. I promise you’ll definitely thank us later.

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment and share what mentoring style you prefer – buck-up or gentle, and why.

4 thoughts on “What Do Certified Legal Nurse Consultants and Proboscis Monkeys Have in Common?

  1. Buck-up for the real world! Coddling is enabling dependence and hinders true self-confidence. My original preceptor in critical care was tough as nails, never a day went by, even after I was officially off of orientation, that she did not quiz me on a rhythm strip, diagnosis or procedure. Instead of just telling me what to do and when, she made me figure out WHY. She always made sure I understood the pathophysiology behind everything that was happening. That start made me a great critical care nurse and set me up for the position I hold today as a Clinical Educator.

  2. Ok, Vickie….someone’s been reading my mind!! Seriously though, I am thankful for your example. The observation of the Proboscis monkey in Borneo sums it up nicely. I am launching with my first client and kind of know what that baby Proboscis is probably thinking……..is anyone out there?????
    I am comforted to know that you ARE there and what keeps ringing in my ears is that “we are Nurses and WE CAN DO ANYTHING!”
    So until I get my bearings and learn to swing strong and hard in this jungle and get my bearings and survival skills under wraps….just don’t let me hit the jungle floor too hard……at least not the first time!

  3. CLNC® consulting requires autonomy to survive. I do not want to be coddled because I enjoy the independence this business offers me.

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