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Thoughts for Success: I Don’t Want to Be Realistic – I Want to Be the Real Me!

How many times in your life has someone told you, “Be realistic!”? Whatever the number, even just one time is one time too many. Whether it’s thinking you can get everything packed in that one, small suitcase 🙂 , or that you’ll get way more done in the day than is possible for three Certified Legal Nurse Consultants or that you’re going to achieve that impossibly audacious goal – the most common refrain you’re likely to hear from the naysayers is “get real” or “be realistic.”

Thoughts for Success: I Don’t Want to Be Realistic – I Want to Be the Real Me!

When a defeatist exclaims “Be realistic,” they’re wanting you to conform to their own limited beliefs and consciousness. I hope your response is “I don’t want to be realistic – I want to be the real me!

If the world depended on “realistic” we’d still be reading by candlelight and driving black Model T Fords. You can be the REAL YOU if you dare and you’ll arrive there so much faster by leaving realistic out of the equation.

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment and share how you dare to be real without being realistic.

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