An RN’s Right to Refuse to Treat an Ebola Patient – And the Consequences

Over the past few weeks I have received emails and private messages from registered nurses throughout the U.S. asking me about their rights to refuse to treat an Ebola patient at their RN job. I have also been on national television with Stuart Varney of Varney Co. to bring attention to this very issue.

The Dallas Hospital Settles the First Ebola Case

The Dallas hospital involved in the Thomas Eric Duncan case settled for an undisclosed amount before a lawsuit was even filed. By doing so the hospital avoided a costly legal battle as well as the potential for a lot of negative publicity regarding race and lack of insurance.

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Alert: FDA Warns of Dangers of Dietary Supplements

One of the largest over-the-counter (and often over-the-Internet) markets in the world is for dietary supplements. Every day, consumers turn to dietary supplements to improve their lives. Body-builders seek to increase muscle-mass, the elderly (and some spouses) seek to improve memory and cognitive function and others seek to improve digestion or battle depression with supplements such as creatine, ginkgo biloba, probiotics, St. John’s Wort and Vitamin E.

Here’s One Way for Legal Nurse Consultants to Avoid Being Speechless in Front of Attorneys

Here’s One Way for Legal Nurse Consultants to Avoid Being Speechless in Front of Attorneys

In the speaking world, we have a saying that some people at a funeral would prefer to be in the coffin than stand up and deliver the eulogy. There’s something that happens to all of us when we have to get in front of people. Tom jokes with me, “Vickie, you talk incessantly. You have something to say all the time, but when I turn the video camera on, you’re speechless!” Yes, sometimes that’s really true, even about me.

An Easy Way for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants to Organize Medical Records for Attorneys

There’s nothing worse than observing a testifying expert fumbling through the record, at deposition or trial, to find an entry the attorney is referencing. And there’s absolutely no excuse for a testifying expert to ever appear disorganized because of a sloppy record handed to her by an attorney. It’s in everyone’s (attorney, legal nurse consultant, experts, etc.) best interest to have one model set of records that is organized and paginated in a logical order.

Vickie Milazzo’s Favorite Quotes

Vickie’s Favorite Quotes: My Dad, Sal Milazzo

Everyone loved my dad and that’s probably because he loved people so much. It was very unusual to hear him say anything negative about a person – even a person who didn’t do right by him. He would always laugh and say, “I’m a lover, not a fighter.”

Go Big or Go Home for Legal Nurse Consulting Jobs

When I did the book tour for my New York Times bestseller Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman, I spoke to so many business and networking groups (large and small) that I lost count. I signed a lot of books and ate a lot of bad meals that I don’t remember, but one memory still stands out today. I still remember vividly how many of those business groups were ineffective. Networking, is all so frequently, NOT working.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tech Tip: Dropbox Made Easy for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

One of the most useful websites I’ve found is Dropbox. It’s a cloud-based storage site that allows you to securely upload and download large documents. Certified Legal Nurse Consultants will find this site useful to send a report that’s too large to email to an attorney-client.

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