Free Legal Nurse Consulting Screening or Grey Goose: Two Personal Injury Attorneys Decide

Free Legal Nurse Consulting Screening or Grey Goose®: Two Personal Injury Attorneys Decide

We’re exhibiting at a national legal conference, promoting Certified Legal Nurse Consultants to trial attorneys from all over the U.S. We offer a variety of giveaways through our NACLNC® wheel of fortune. An attorney spins the wheel and can win Post-It® notes, a free case screening, and even Grey Goose liquor.

Two personal injury (P.I.) attorneys won a free screening and proceeded to ask if they could have the Grey Goose instead. We’re promoting Certified Legal Nurse Consultants so of course I politely said: “No, this free screening is worth much more to you than a bottle of Grey Goose. When you learn what a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant can do for you by experiencing the free screening you’ll agree you’re going to be able to buy all the Grey Goose you want!”

Attorneys are a lot of fun. Have fun back. Don’t just back off if they don’t immediately respond exactly the way you’d like them to. The more fun you have, the more they’re going to remember you.

When I saw the two attorneys later in the day they were talking up the legal nurse consulting case screening and had forgotten all about the bottle of Grey Goose. That’s two smart (and sober) attorneys.

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment and share how you have fun with attorney-prospects as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.

2 thoughts on “Free Legal Nurse Consulting Screening or Grey Goose®: Two Personal Injury Attorneys Decide

  1. I love exhibiting at attorney conferences. You are right – attorneys have a sense of humor and are great to talk to. If anyone has any shyness, it soon goes away once you get started. Attorneys love free gifts from the table and I love your idea of the Wheel of Fortune game. You and the attorneys had fun, you stood your ground on the rules of the game and they came back. That says a lot for the CLNC® consulting business.

  2. It is also important to applaud you for what is not said; and that is your ingenuity behind the scenes, gearing for that exhibiting showcase. You’re such an inspiration for the CLNC® consulting business world!

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