Vickie LIVE On FOX NEWS Tomorrow

Vickie LIVE On FOX NEWS Tomorrow

I’ve been asked to go back on “The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson” on FOX NEWS tomorrow due to the fourth Ebola patient diagnosed in the U.S. They want to know if the 3.1 million RNs are any better protected today than they were four weeks ago.

I invite you to join me Tuesday, October 28, 2:00pm ET on FOX NEWS. I’ll discuss the latest on hospital preparedness, training and drills, PPE and what front-line nurses believe will happen when their first Ebola patient presents.

P.S. Comment and share whether your healthcare facility has provided the necessary training and appropriate PPE for treating patients. Do you feel more prepared today?

2 thoughts on “Vickie LIVE On FOX NEWS Tomorrow

  1. Way to go Vickie!! Your answers were a study in dialectic control and focus; the voice of nursing reason needed to quell the attempted sensationalization of this serious issue. Bravo!

  2. Thank you Vickie for your voice for all RNs in our country.
    I have to agree with your point about the (volunteer for West Africa Ebola outbreak) nurse who threatened to sue over her quarantine. You mentioned how tough it is to go against the state’s guidelines for potential Ebola exposure. And as a CLNC® consultant, a case for merit would need substantial evidence of some type of injury.
    If I were in her shoes, I would not have minded the 24-hour tent facility (to keep others safe), it did not appear so bad to me as it is sensationalized by the media. She worked in worse conditions than that in West Africa. What is she thinking?

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