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To address the rising fear among RNs of treating Ebola patients, I’ve been asked to go on national television this afternoon. I will discuss the alarming impact Ebola has placed on the already dangerous levels of stress among RNs. My goal is to represent the front-line nurses I’ve heard from and to share your fears and concerns over the lack of preparedness by healthcare facilities.

I invite you to join me today, October 15, 3:30pm EST on Bloomberg.

I’m Just Sayin (on TV today),

P.S. Comment and wish me luck. I want to do my very best for nurses!

11 thoughts on “Emotional News for All Nurses

  1. Vickie,
    When advocating for nurses, please remember that we currently do not have a Surgeon General! It is their duty to help lead our nation during times of health crisis. Thank you!

  2. Vickie,
    I have no doubt that you will bring to the table the truth about how this affects us as nurses, our fears and the stress we are dealing with.

  3. Vickie,
    You always do your best for Us!!! Hope it went well….
    Just home from work and have sworn off smartphones on work days!!!!

  4. Hello Vickie,

    I am so proud to see you again on national news standing up for the nursing masses. You were great.

    I can’t believe they are still harping on self-monitoring and quarantine for healthcare workers. What?? For goodness sake, anyone taking care of such a patient must be quarantined for a calculated length of time based on the incubation period of Ebola, no less, after their care of the patient. There should be designated nursing and ancillary staff identified not just trained but solely devoted to such patient(s) when they present. Just like we sign up for disasters, etc., e.g. pre- hurricane, during and post. There must be isolated living quarters, etc. for a designated period of time that the employee can and will be assigned to the infected patient, then cleared per written policy and procedure.

    The CDC doesn’t focus on nursing, it addresses general recommendations and guidelines and facility infectious disease personnel adopt such guidelines that are not even nursing care focused. Posted on a wall??

    I have been at this for 30 years including the pre-hospital, and I know better than to run around saying that the sky is falling. We nurses saw this coming and your blog and interview gave us validation. The legal issues are going to be profound. We CLNC® consultants can handle that, but we need nurses to come together and actually spearhead the policies/procedures, identify resources and be a part of mandated protocols for any infected or even possibly infected patient that our government leaders are obviously not capable of establishing. Right now it is lip service.

    We need to be ready for the mutation that goes airborne. Let’s write the protocols we nurses know we need.

    Thank you, Vickie.

    1. Good points, Linda. We need more than lip service. I was thinking the same thing about Ebola or any other virus which has the potential to mutate and go airborne.

      If the CDC has dealt with problems of the PPE removal, how can they expect nurses to do it right with the space suits which are foreign to nurses? I used to teach PPE classes and the layers of our evolved PPEs for Ebola are confusing in trying to remove them safely.

  5. Vickie,
    You will do well. Be prepared for questions regarding why an exposed health care worker would knowingly board a plane! You are in a perfect position to advocate. I hope you talk about mandatory quarantine and canceling incoming flights from highly infected areas. By all means mention that we need a strong Surgeon General stat. You’ve got this.

  6. Vickie,
    I’m very proud of you and I know that you are a great representative for the nurses as well as the healthcare team that has to deal with the Ebola issues. It’s definitely a scarey thought, and no doubt, is going to become a much bigger issue. I’m very confident that you will shed light on the big picture and issues that the healthcare professionals are being faced with. It’s time to implement strategies for the bigger cause and what very well may be an inevitable epidemic. We must prepare ahead of time and become responsible for our own safety and stop letting the clueless placate us in situations that they themselves have no clue about handling. We must take a stance.

    Thank you Vickie for all that you do.

  7. Vickie,
    I just now read your email regarding your appearance on Bloomberg regarding the risks and fears associated with Ebola that exists in this country presently. I regret that I missed your presentation and have no doubt that you waltzed through the interview with incredible grace, wisdom and plenty of food for thought. I feel so proud to be a member of the NACLNC® team!

    Thank you for all you do.

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