Celebrate National Nurses Week

Most presidents only get a day, if any, but it’s no surprise that our nation needs a whole week to honor all of the selfless acts RNs engage in every day. Nurses make life and death decisions and you do so in the middle of the night. Not to mention you do things that make civilians (and some doctors) faint. You have the ability to quickly assess and take control of any situation.

RNs are found in every sector of the economy – corporations, schools, offices, insurance companies, entrepreneurs – not just hospitals. We come from every country on Earth. I’ve met incredible nurses and aspiring nurses from the Philippines, Rwanda, England, India, Canada and Russia, just to name a few. Whatever our nationality, education or nursing position, we all bring unique skills and expertise to our RN jobs.

Whether your role as an RN is Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (my favorite 🙂 ), hospital RN, long term care RN, RN educator, RN researcher or any other role, it’s our week. Let’s celebrate together and toast each other by appreciating our differences and recognizing our similarities. Happy Nurses Week!

I’m Just Celebrating!

P.S. Comment and share a nursing colleague you would like to recognize this week.

P.P.S. I’m celebrating and honoring nurses this week! I invite all RNs to post a selfie on my Facebook page (and tag yourself) and to Tweet me one too. Let’s get this party started!

3 thoughts on “Celebrate National Nurses Week

  1. I could name a lot of nurses who are deserving of recognition but I have some who changed my life. My nursing colleague I would like to recognize is you Vickie Milazzo. You have done the nursing profession a lot of good. For one thing, you have improved a lot of nurse’s lives for the better. As the Pioneer of Certified Legal Nurse Consulting you have shared experiences and taught us CLNC® consultants to be the best we can be at this new profession. You have been shoulder-to-shoulder with us along this journey.
    God bless you Vickie for hanging in there when the going got rough. I know it could not have been easy for you as a new person in the legal arena. You have made it easier with your support and education for our own successes.
    Happy Nurse’s Week!

  2. I would like to recognize Tamara McCleary. She made a promise to the Chicago 2014 CLNC® Certification Class that she would change us and make us business nurses. I do believe she did! I couldn’t wait to get home today, after taking my husband to the doctor, to start working on researching the attorneys that I want to market to! She made us practice so much in class when I got done discussing with my attorney about setting up my business, I automatically asked for references!
    Thank you Tamara!

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