Happy New Year to All RNs and Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

Happy New Year to All RNs and Certified Legal Nurse Consultants!

Tom and I are in the Napa Valley closing out my year exactly the way I like it – quiet and quieter. When the vines are dormant, the crowds stay home and it feels like we have the valley to ourselves.

Since I come here every year I have the luxury of not having to do anything except exactly what I want. My tea time is longer and in front of a fireplace, I luxuriate in the jacuzzi overlooking the valley, hike up the hill and sip some good Cabernets.

This slow pace allows me to reconnect with myself and my vision for 2014. I like to plan but I also like to be open to the ideas which aren’t planned and, more often than not, my best ideas are birthed when I’m not planning.  That’s why I like to take Napa home with me. Yes, we’ve got our 2014 strategic plan done (since October of 2013) and we already have plenty of brainstorms scheduled for 2014. But what I know for certain is that my best ideas for 2014 aren’t in the strategic plan and won’t happen during a Vickie Milazzo Institute brainstorm. They will be born at 4:00am one morning when I’m quietly sipping a cup of healthy green tea, gazing out at our bamboo.

Happy New Year! I wish you a beautiful 2014 and many quiet mornings with a cup of healthy green tea.

I’m Just Sippin’

P.S. Comment and share how you plan to renew yourself for 2014.

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