Certified Legal Nurse Consultants: Be Wary of Premature Opinions

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants: Be Wary of Premature Opinions

When analyzing medical records as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant one thing is certain – medical records lead to more medical records. Sometimes it’s the additional records that hold the answers to the issues in the case. Savvy CLNC® consultants don’t jump the gun, delivering opinions prematurely.

Margaret M. Gallagher, RN, MSN, LLNC, CLNC shares: “I am often asked to provide a report after receiving some of the plaintiff’s medical records. I have found that one page of a medical record can completely alter my opinion of a case. Rather than amend an initial opinion, I prefer to defer my formal opinion until I have reviewed all of the relevant medical records. I find this strategy keeps the relevant records coming and ensures the integrity and professionalism of my CLNC opinion.”

If the attorney must have a written opinion before all the evidence comes in, protect the integrity of your opinion by documenting the records you’ve reviewed to date in your report.

No case is black and white. The earlier you get all of the relevant medical records, the quicker you’ll get to your final, final opinion.

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P.S. Comment and share how you protect the integrity of your CLNC opinions.

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