Tom's Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Yes We Can! Put the Internet in Our Pocket!

All Certified Legal Nurse Consultants and techie-types like the idea of Internet everywhere, but unfortunately it’s really not – yet. Moving around the city of Houston, the country and the world I’m often reminded, sometimes brutally, that when you need the Internet the most, you’re the least likely to find it.

This Gift is Free for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

I was getting off an airplane yesterday and saw that a woman had left her cell phone in her seat. I picked it up and asked the flight attendant to stop the woman who was just leaving the aircraft. The traveler came back for the phone, thanked me profusely and then said, “I guess this just isn’t my day.” My response: “It is definitely your day.” After all, in one moment she moved from starting her trip without her phone to starting her trip with it.

CLNC® Success Is in the Taking

One person’s failure often results in another person’s success. Years ago a medical malpractice attorney (and eventual long-term client) shared that he had tossed another legal nurse consultant’s report in the trash because it was so bad.

Got a Pebble in Your CLNC® Boot?

This year three Certified Legal Nurse Consultants independently shared that they were unhappy with the performance of a legal nurse consulting subcontractor. My advice – let them go. Years ago, a sage woman-friend, Blanche (who’s now 82-years-young and wise), advised me to remove a pebble from my boot. After hearing me out while I complained about a problematic subcontractor she said, “Vickie, until you remove that pebble from your boot, you’ll continue to be agitated by it.”

What Would You Do If You Had More Time? Are You Sure?

With Christmas fast approaching it’s that busy time of year, the time when it’s easy to wonder, “How am I going to possibly get it all done?” I know I’m asking myself that question frequently this week.

Tom's Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Why Is My Battery So Low? I Charged It All Night!

I’m sure that every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant out there has put your smartphone on the charger overnight and by the time you’ve unplugged it and either walked all the way downstairs to your CLNC home office, or driven to meet an attorney-client, you’ve noticed a drop-off (sometimes quite sharp) in the power meter when you got there.

Nothing Travels Faster Than the Speed of Light, or Does It?

I don’t like the word “hate,” but I’m about to use it… I hate gossip. If you want to be successful as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, never, and I repeat, never gossip about an attorney or another legal nurse consultant.

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