Tom's Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: iPhone® Owning Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Rejoice!

One of the issues with Certified Legal Nurse Consultants or any RNs owning technology, whether hardware or software, is that technology occasionally breaks. Upgrade the OS on your phone or computer and suddenly apps and programs don’t work. Upgrade your hardware, phone or computer, and suddenly you need new monitors, connectors, chargers, etc. The only thing constant in the world of technology is change – and not always for the best.

RNs – Don’t Look Where You Don’t Want to Go

Mountain bikers are taught “don’t look where you don’t want to go.” I’m not crazy enough to be a mountain biker and I’m not even a great biker. But, I have biked up and down some pretty challenging heights in Japan, Morocco and New Zealand. Also, after riding 23 miles down the Haleakala volcano in Hawaii and over the Hải Vân Pass in Vietnam, I can say first-hand that “don’t look where you don’t want to go” is very good advice.

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