How One Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Gets Past the Gatekeeper Every Time (Almost)

Gatekeeper means exactly what it suggests – the job of the gatekeeper in any business is to manage who gets to enter the gate – or not. Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Jane Hurst, RN, CLNC, shares her secret recipe for getting through the gate:

“When I’m not able to speak to an attorney the first time I call a law firm, I ask the name of the person answering and also ask for the attorney’s paralegal or assistant’s name. Then, when I call the second time, I can hopefully throw off the gatekeeper by sounding like I’m already consulting with the attorney. The trick is to come across like you’re calling an existing attorney-client. It’s amazing how many times this simple strategy works with the law firm’s gatekeeper.”

Jane’s Secret Recipe:
1 part bluffing
1 part well-rehearsed script
1 heaping dose of self-confidence

Directions: Combine the bluffing, script and self-confidence in a large mixing bowl. Stir until you can’t tell whether you’re really calling an attorney-prospect with information on a case or just trying to get through to a new attorney-prospect. You may have to adjust the cooking time, temperature and proportions to be convincing. Repeat PRN for the best results.


CLNC® consultant: “Hi, this is Jane. Is Tom in today?”
Gatekeeper: Either puts you through or asks what it’s concerning.
CLNC consultant: “I have some information for him.” or “I’m calling him back with some information.”
Gatekeeper: Either puts you through or asks what case it’s concerning.
CLNC consultant: Be direct and professional and say, “I told him I would call.” (This is a true statement because my marketing materials state I will call in a week to discuss how I can help him win cases.) When you get the attorney on the phone go into marketing mode.

Thanks for sharing your recipe for CLNC success with us, Jane! Now I understand why you’re the first international Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment here and share your own recipe for getting past the gatekeeper.

2 thoughts on “How One Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Gets Past the Gatekeeper Every Time (Almost)

  1. Thanks so much for this approach. My average is 1 appointment for 10 phone calls. This approach got me past the gatekeeper much quicker today with an interview, and the first thing they asked was do I do IME’s?

    This is my most concerning challenge at the moment – so keep sending those tips on how to get past the gatekeeper!!!! Once I have an interview appointment, I can take it from there.

  2. After 40 years of hospital based nursing, I am now CEO of “Barrister Legal Nurse Consulting”. As I have taken this new endeavor head on and full time, I am diligent in following Vickie’s advice of “doing one thing daily” for my business.
    I do not have a problem establishing a good rapport with gatekeepers, but I am learning very quickly that the attorneys make their appts and NOT the guardian answering the office phone. Thank you Jane for sharing your recipe for reaching the attorney. I have scheduled 6 attorney appointments within the next 2 weeks!

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