Shocking or Stupid? You Decide

I recently met an RN who wanted to subcontract with me as a legal nurse consultant. Like I do with all subs, I put her to the test and gave her a very specific assignment due in one week. I’m assessing whether this legal nurse consultant has what it takes to follow through and to follow the simplest of requests. Will she be there when needed, whether it’s a weekday or a weekend? Does this person come through under pressure or not (not that I define a week as a high pressure deadline)? Are they more yack than sack?

Here it is, two weeks later and I’ve yet to see the requested assignment. Instead, I got an extensive email covering everything from how and why life got in her way, the dog ate her computer and her son fell ill with diphtheria from the school cafeteria food (not really, but you get the gist). Needless to say, she has missed an incredible window of opportunity.

What about you? The attorney requests something – your resume, a sample work product – do you submit timely? When you’re exhibiting, do you go home and follow up immediately or are you still looking at those business cards a month later and asking yourself why you watched all those episodes of Modern Family instead of following up? Are you missing out on, or just gazing out of, the window of opportunity?

I won’t deny life happens. It happens to all of us. The most successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultants still get things done, even while life is happening all around them.  They know the importance of leaping through the window of opportunity while it’s open.

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment here and tell me what you do when windows of opportunity open – leap through or look out?

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  1. Stormy Green
    Stormy Green says:

    Leap! Take the ball and run with it! You MUST get out there and seize the opportunities because no one can do it for you. Nurses need to understand that they CAN DO ANYTHING, then take action!

  2. Nicole Reinhardt
    Nicole Reinhardt says:

    If you want to succeed with this new adventure you truly have to do something every day! The Las Vegas gang is keeping each other motivated by email and Facebook! We are sending out those 5 letters a week and are following up with calls. Mail-call-mail-call! Life can’t get in the way of a dream!! Stay focused all you Certified Legal Nurse Consultants – it will pay off!!!!

  3. Tania Reed
    Tania Reed says:

    I would move mountains to get it to you in 5 days, not seven! Timeliness is crucial! It’s your reputation and is an easy way to show how professional you are. That person blew it!

  4. Colette McGuinness
    Colette McGuinness says:

    Vickie, when did you start subcontracting with your graduates? I took the CLNC® Certification Program in May of ’09…..wish I had known this…..Colette

  5. Cynthia Bune RN, CLNC
    Cynthia Bune RN, CLNC says:

    I have to admit that after breaking barriers to get it done myself, I am VERY picky regarding who I want to subcontract for me. My business is only as good as the last work product that goes from or through my office to my attorney-clients. I set the standard very high.
    Focus and accountability are a must. Finding subcontractors can be tough. However, don’t let yourself get too caught up over it and get resources and preferences lined up early.
    My daughter recently suffered from a bout of viral meningitis. I was extremely loaded with casework and deadlines. I did not want to do work at my daughter’s hospital bedside, but due to my standards being so high and my PROCRASTINATION to allow someone else to take over the reigns, I set myself up for that one and did not have anyone appropriate lined up to help. I won’t let that happen again. Contracts are now going out to build a STRONG CLNC® ALLIANCE!

  6. Jennifer Orr
    Jennifer Orr says:

    Since I began this journey my father said, “Don’t look at the financial gain to becoming a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, but learn to go with the process it presents to you.” There are so many things that I have learned about myself and perseverance is one of them. You will not succeed in this business if you don’t jump at every, tiny opportunity that presents itself to you. If an attorney says “send me your information,” I ALWAYS send it right after I get off the phone with them. Timeliness and dedication is everything as you grow your CLNC® business. I know if I keep at it, one day I will have a full time business!

  7. Reiko M. Coria
    Reiko M. Coria says:

    Thank you Vickie! I was given a contact and went over all of the interview questions to memorization! Heart pounding, I made the call and was pleasantly surprised to be greeted with, “Hi Reiko! Jim told me you would be calling. How can I help you?” Wow! What an opportunity! Just on the drop of a dime I was given 8 more contacts and a potential to expand on one single phone call! Your blog keeps me focused and motivated!! Can’t thank you enough for your pearls of wisdom and continuous support through your posts!! Looking forward to my face to face encounters next week with my new contacts!! It’s true that we are in charge of our own success!!

  8. Martin Kimera,CLNC
    Martin Kimera,CLNC says:

    Clearly it’s not a windfall situation getting into this business. But those rejections …… I know for sure if i was given an assignment I would leap! I would jump on it! I know it’s all about what you want most in life. Because it is that which comes first when everything lines up in your face.

  9. Joanne M. Wirtjes, RN/CLNC
    Joanne M. Wirtjes, RN/CLNC says:

    I would have leapt and not slept to get you the work product. Actually I would do that for anyone who wanted to subcontract or work with me. You have only 1 chance to make a good 1st impression and if you don’t do it, you lose. If someone gives you the opportunity to succeed, you have the responsibility to take the opportunity and run with it. If you don’t, you have no one to be upset with other than yourself.

  10. Rebecca Jones
    Rebecca Jones says:

    While I read your blog I heard you saying to ‘go for it or reject outright!’ So many times, the best decisions I’ve made have been a leap. Not just a leap, but an all out, over the cliff leap of faith!
    You gotta hit the ground running and focus on the end result. It gives you the tools and direction you need to get to the end. Life is full of unexpected events. You just have to know that and be ready for it so you can adapt to it. There is always enough time to focus on what’s important, even if it’s a list of things that are important. No one knows that better than a nurse! Right?! We can do anything!

  11. Rosie Hughes, MSN, RN, CLNC
    Rosie Hughes, MSN, RN, CLNC says:

    I am shocked to hear a CLNC® consultant could not pull through with a simple assignment in a week, much less take two weeks and no product but a lengthy email full of excuses of why it was not accomplished. In the time it took to think about and produce the email, she could have completed the assignment. Time is of the essence in this business. I believe to be successful is to first get all the documents you need to use ready to go in organized files. I also believe there are many nurses who dream of this type of business but are so used to having bosses who direct them, they have no clue as to where to start or are scared of criticism on their final product that they cannot get out of the gate.
    Good notes everybody!

  12. Kimberly P Carter, BSN, MSN, CCHP
    Kimberly P Carter, BSN, MSN, CCHP says:

    I say leap through. How bad do you want it? I hope she didn’t mess up an opportunity for someone else who would be dedicated…


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