What Do Underwear and Attorneys Have in Common?

Here we are deep in the final stages of seminar season and by now I should be a packing expert. Today though, I feel like an amateur. This trip I forgot to pack my underwear. Luckily I’m in Las Vegas ☺. This is the second time I forgot to pack underwear for Vegas and Tom is starting to believe this is just an excuse to go shopping.

Have you ever forgotten something important in your legal nurse consulting business? There’s two ways to prevent such an occurrence. First, create a system or list. Second, refer to the system or list. I have a list and I referred to it while packing for Vegas, but here I am without underwear anyway.

So I guess I need to remind all Certified Legal Nurse Consultants that it’s not enough to have systems, and it’s not enough to refer to them. Sometimes you need to make sure that you’re putting your full consciousness into the process. Replacing underwear is easy – telling an important attorney-client that you forgot to research something or left an important point out of your work-product isn’t so easy.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some shopping to do!

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment and share the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever forgotten to pack for a trip or forgotten to do for an attorney-client.

3 thoughts on “What Do Underwear and Attorneys Have in Common?

  1. Vickie, this made me chuckle! No better place to underwear shop than Vegas! LOL!
    One time in my early days of being a CLNC® consultant, I actually brought my underwear with me to an attorney client’s office! Well sort of! I had several binders of records to bring along to a deposition prep in his office. I used a large, trusty leopard tote to haul the binders to downtown Chicago. When I arrived, I started taking the binders and all my materials out to organize everything on the board room table. As we started, my client picked up a pastel pink tag with a big smirk on his face. Turns out a Victoria’s Secret underwear tag made it’s way out onto the table. I was mortified! He got a big kick out of it and had that sense of humor that made it OK, so we both laughed it off. Word of advice: don’t use the same tote as you do for vacation in the professional world. I immediately invested in my first roller bag after the underwear incident and thank god they were a size small!!! LOL! Happy underwear shopping! May I suggest a pair of leopard print? LOL!!!!!

  2. Love your story Julie!! There have been a couple of times while traveling that I forgot something… important medication and even more importantly, a toothbrush and toothpaste! Panicking about having an early morning appointment with an attorney-client, I had to find a 24-hour pharmacy to purchase the toothbrush and toothpaste… never mind the medication… drug holidays are healthy, right? Thankfully, I showed up to the appointment with sweet smelling breath! It isn’t so easy to explain to an attorney-client that after reviewing a case, I forgot to include relevant information, but because I have always maintained my honesty and integrity along with timely recognition of the omission, the case progressed without much of a hiccup…and cases continue to flow from the client. Vickie, reminders are good… but shopping is even better!!!

  3. Love the stories! Many years ago when I was pregnant for our first child (now 27), I forgot to pack my husband’s underwear on a camping trip. He has never “allowed” me to pack for him again! Now that worked out didn’t it!

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