This Isn’t It! What CLNC® Consultants Can Learn from the Michael Jackson Trial

A defense verdict was rendered after three days of deliberation in the 5-month-long trial of Michael Jackson’s survivors versus his promoters.

The defense verdict demonstrates that the further the plaintiff gets away from the “bad actor” – in this case, Dr. Conrad Murray, the doctor who administered the fatal dose of Propofol – the harder it is for the plaintiff to win the case.

The family sued the promoters for hiring Conrad Murray. But just suing the promoters is a rough proposition. It doesn’t mean that what Dr. Conrad Murray did was appropriate; but the fact is he was missing from this civil lawsuit. The defense successfully asserted that what happened behind closed doors was between the doctor and the patient – not the promoters and the doctor. And that defense helped to carry the day. According to USA Today®, the jury ruled that AEG did hire Murray, but also ruled that Murray was not unfit or incompetent to perform the job he was hired to do.

This case proves the difficulty of winning a legal case when the person who committed the bad act is nowhere to be seen. Legal nurse consultants should always stress the bad actors with their attorney-clients or the verdict will be the same as in this trial and it won’t be a Thriller.

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment and tell me what you think of this verdict. Should the promoters have been liable, and if so, under what theory?

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