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The More You’re Out There, the More You’re Out There as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

We all think we’re immune to commercials and billboards, but there’s a reason companies spend huge sums of money to advertise their products. They know the more you’re exposed to what they have to sell, the more likely you are to buy.

Whether you mail or hand-deliver your promotional packages to attorney-prospects, never ever assume you’re dead in the water just because you didn’t land a case right then and there. Smart Certified Legal Nurse Consultants know their promotional package will be there long after they’re not.

Dale Barnes, RN, MSN, PHN, CLNC, says, “If an attorney tells you he will save your information and call when he has a case, don’t get frustrated. It might sound like a brush off, but it’s not. I have received calls from attorneys and have no idea who they are. When I ask them how they got my name, they tell me that I sent them information two years earlier, they saved it and now they want to hire me as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.”

As the saying goes, “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.” With 1,268,011 attorneys in the U.S. seeking RNs who provide legal nurse consulting services it’s never over, until you, yourself decide it is over, unless of course you’re the fat lady and you start singing.

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment and share your experience with attorneys contacting you months or years after you sent your CLNC® promotional package.

One thought on “The More You’re Out There, the More You’re Out There as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

  1. I agree, and I appreciate the encouragement to keep pushing my name out there.
    One of my best attorney-clients waited about 8 months to contact me after his first consultation. After I first met him, I sent him a Christmas card to wish him well for the holidays as well as to plant the seed, “I’m still here.”
    I am so glad I did. I think it helped keep my presence alive, as he contacted me a few weeks later. He is great to work with and so is his office staff.

    Vickie, you’re so great as everything you teach is RIGHT ON!

    Now that I think about it, I am going to shop for some nice Christmas cards again…..

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