What the Great Dancers Know – And You Should Too!

I love dance of all kinds and have seen some of the greats – Baryshnikov, Nureyev, Alonso, Godunov. Their technique was flawless, but it’s not technique that made them great. It was the fire inside.

3 Steps to Get the Attorney’s Attention Every Time

Have you ever wondered how some people can speak brilliantly on a topic right off the cuff? You’re riveted by their every word. Professional speakers, especially, have the ability to make extemporaneous statements sound like polished presentations.

Tom's Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Don’t Repeat My Near Catastrophe

Every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant knows a laptop is not really a laptop. But sometimes a laptop isn’t even a laptop, it’s just a boat anchor. My new super-spiffy, NSA-grade, Cray UltraPricy came with two built-in hard drives. An SSD (solid state drive) and a regular spindle hard drive. The installation guru imaged Windows® 7 from the spindle drive and put that image on the SSD drive and left the spindle drive alone. He then built the new computer (software-wise) on the SSD drive.

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