Is Game of Thrones How You Want to Be Remembered?

It’s not what you make of the world, it’s what you make of yourself that’s important” is one of the ways I want to be remembered. That’s a truly profound way of living. We’re surrounded by constant opportunities for trying to make sense of the world, but at the end of the day, do we really want to be remembered by what we think about Nancy Grace or the last Twitter® distraction?

I like to live within my circle of influence – my family and friends, my legal nurse consulting business, RNs and women I can touch. It’s not that I don’t know, or don’t care, about what’s going on in the world – I just always ask, “Am I doing something about this or just wasting precious time yacking about it?”

When you’re on your deathbed, what will matter more – what you made of Game of Thrones or what you made of yourself?

I’m Just Askin’

P.S. Comment and share how you want to be remembered.

4 thoughts on “Is Game of Thrones How You Want to Be Remembered?

  1. Thanks Vickie ~
    Always something to keep in the front of your thoughts! I sometimes think of all the days, nights and multiple holidays I worked at the hospital! Then dragging home, exhausted – too tired to enjoy much of anything! Now I plan my work load – I am closing down on Wed. at noon on 11/28 for Thanksgiving and I am planning to close down the week of Christmas! I really can enjoy the holidays w/ family and friends!! Thanks Vickie and the CLNC® family!!

    Penny Watkins RN, BSN, PHN, CLNC
    Legal Nurse Consultants of So. Calif.

  2. As usual Vickie, your comments are soulful. Truly, this is my daily prayer. Not only do I ask myself whether my actions and words are meaningful, but also am I living according to His purpose? I am so thankful for my CLNC® career and thriving business… I try to give back a little something each and every day. Thank you Vickie for becoming a part of my life!

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